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3 Ways To Totally SCREW UP Foreplay | Sex Tips For Women & Men

3 Ways To Totally SCREW UP Foreplay | Sex Tips For Women & Men

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I wished to share a few simple sex tips for women and men that you can use right now to enjoy better sex. What better place to start than foreplay!

Let’s face it, on the surface sex is pretty mechanical—insert penis into vagina, pull out, insert again, etc. While foreplay is where you learn what you and her like and don’t like. Yet it’s always easy to fall into the same pit of boring her with the same standard foreplay routine and over again.


So here are three common mistakes you might make during foreplay—and quick fixes that will lead to hotter sex.

1. Focusing on Just One Spot

DON’T JUST GO STRAIGHT FOR HER PUSSY! If your go to foreplay is instantly going down on her, you have become a predictable bore. Don’t be surprised if she takes over an hour to cum that way. Why? Because her vagina has dozed off! Lol!

Also, this approach may actually turn off some women. And you don’t need that.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Invest time focusing on your woman’s ENTIRE body instead of going straight for her crotch. Start off with passionate tongue kissing and lightly caressing her body for a few minutes (yes I said a few minutes not seconds). It’s not a race to the pussy. With sex, you don’t win the gold medal for finishing first! Though many men have tried! Ha ha ha!

Then move on to licking, nibbling & sucking her other erogenous zones like her neck (combine this with some light hair pulling), ears, her upper and lower back, around her belly & navel, her inner & outer elbows and wrists. And let us not forget about slow dancing and grinding on each other.

Exploring the non-sexual parts of her body makes you like a more attentive and passionate lover.


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2. Going Too Fast or Too Hard

You should already know that you shouldn’t try to rush foreplay. Remember men are like light switches and women are like irons. We can go from 0 to ‘let’s fuck!’ in 3 seconds flat. While chicks take awhile to get there.

For many women, it’s around 10 to 15 minutes to get fully turned on. And at this point, they’re ready to fuck! So if you rush it and are already poking away at her vagina 3 minutes into it, you can seem like you’re selfish, self centered, just in it for yourself as well as a little uncaring. Also, applying too much pressure when touching/grinding on her body can turn her off to.

Quick Fix Sex Tip  – I’m also a professional stunt man, so I’ll use a stunt reference for this sex tip for women and men. Think of trying to jump a car or motorcycle over a row of junk cars. You use a ramp and as you hit the ramp, you “slowly” & gradually increase your elevation (this is like foreplay) then at the top of the ramp you fly off into the air.

While in the air, it’s exciting and fun!..yet short lived. Then you come down and land on the ramp on the other side. Finally, you gradually decrease your elevation & speed until you level out and drive away on the other side.

This is how you should view foreplay, interplay and afterplay. Start off slowly and then build in intensity and pressure. As far as pressure, talk to her to make sure you’re doing it right. Ask her questions like “Is that how you like it baby?”, “Harder or softer?”, etc..



3. Not Knowing Your Lady

Women are different when it comes to foreplay. So while you may have your go-to moves, be ready to set them aside and do something different if she seems uncomfortable or bored.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Have a variety of moves in your ‘Sexual Bag O’ Tricks’. So if she cringes when you talk dirty, switch to your next thing. Don’t force it thinking she’ll come around. Or if she’s really into making out on the sofa, don’t try to move it to the bedroom.

Very Important sex tips for men! After even 1 or 2 times making love, you should know your woman. Her likes, her dislikes. You should memorize her sexual hot buttons. This approach actually makes it easier for you and more pleasurable for the both of you.


One BONUS Tip! Don’t Say Stupid Shit

Yes many, many, MANY guys are guilty of this one. Trust me…you are NOT as clever as you think you are. Lol! So talking about your job or career, or hers, your tax situation (yes some men do this), or even some sex joke that you think is hilarious are BIG no no’s.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Sexual arousal has more to do with AVOIDING life’s turn-offs AND ESCAPING to an erotic, sexy reality than with how well you can turn someone on. So never discuss work, your job, finances (unless you just hit the lottery or come into some money), dinner, the kids, etc..

Instead talk about how soft her skin is, how amazing her hair looks, how you just REALLY noticed how deep brown/blue/green her eyes are today, how gorgeous her fingernails & toenails are, how sexy her ankles are, how pretty her make up looks, how pretty her pussy is (only if it actually is Lol!), etc…



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