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Courses For Men

The Ecstasy Method

The PROVEN System For Giving Women, Mind Blowing Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time.

You learn my patented method that I have NEVER seen anywhere online, offline or even discussed by sex coaches or therapists around the world…because they don’t know how to do it! I have seduced and sexed up 100s of women from all over the world and along the way developed some innovative methods…this course being the best. This E-Z to learn system will have you giving women 3 – 5 orgasms (or more) each and every time at your command. Once you learn it and try it even 1 time, you pretty much have it. My record is 15 orgasms for 1 woman in 1 session. In each video class, I walk you through how to do it step by step. Comes with a Money Back Guarantee because you CAN’T screw it up! If you do it…it will work and you will love it!

21 All NATURAL Secrets To Lasting Longer In Bed (eBook)

While the AVERAGE man lasts only about 5 minutes in bed, using just 1 or 2 of my PROVEN Sexual Stamina Secrets, you’ll double, triple or even quadruple your time and make her think you’re a SEX God! Discover natural stamina techniques and prolong hacks that are deceptively clever and easy to use starting now! GET IT NOW & USE IT NOW! Instant Results!

Learn how to activate your sexual ‘pause’ button in your body which instantly adds more minutes to your finish time and use this cool button…whenever you want! Even multiple times during the same session! Also learn which key sexual positions you can use that actually make you last longer. This is a favorite amongst my sex coaching clients! Guaranteed Results…YES!  

LEGIT Penis Enlargement

(The only 2 things I’d recommend)

The Penis Enlargement Bible

Learn how To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally Without Surgery, Pills, Suction Devices Or Crazy Contraptions! Penis enlargement is REAL and has been practiced for 1,000s of years by cultures all around the world. Over 15,600+ men have used this PROVEN 2-Step System to get HUGE Growth Results. Taught by my colleague and friend John Collins. You Will Not Find This Information Anywhere Else Online!

The Penis Enlargement Bible is your guide to the most effective natural penis growth techniques on the planet. WARNING! This is for men who are SERIOUS about learning how to get 2 – 4 inches of more growth (on average) using only YOUR HANDS and some readily available NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS.

You want a PROVEN method of making your dick bigger that’s not some BS pump or pills? The Quick Extender PRO uses a clinically proven method called ‘traction’ which is a safe, non-surgical way to enlarge your penis.

Physicians and surgeons around the world recommend the Quick Extender PRO method (which by the way, is an ancient method of penis enlargement). Results in as little as 2 weeks!

Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!

SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of semen. If you’re tired of girls, or your partner, spitting out your sperm after you cum then you have to try SemEnhance. The all natural formula is designed to enhance the natural sugars already in your semen and make their taste stand out so you taste great!

For Ravaging Her In The bedroom

(Show her what it means to DOMINATE her in the bedroom)

Learn-2-Lick - The Ultimate Oral Sex Lessons

Learn How to Give Your Lady The Best Cunnilingus of Her Life! Sadly, many men think they have a good pussy eating game. Mainly because the women they’ve been with didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Yet if you are not able to get your woman talking in tongues when you go down on her, then you haven’t got a clue.

Here in 1 place is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to become a master at going down on girls and make ANY woman SEXUALLY ADDICTED to you! Taught by fellow sex coach and friend Jen Dobrowitz.

Squirting Triggers 2.0 – Next Level Female Ejaculation Techniques (video course)

Do You Want Your Girlfriend or Wife to Experience The Most Amazing Orgasm She’s Ever Had? How about blow the mind of that really Hot Chick you’re going out with? Let me tell you, when you make a woman experience female ejaculation like never before or for the first time, they CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU! She will be hooked!

In this step by step video course, you learn advanced squirting techniques for making ANY woman tremble with pleasure, drench the bedsheets with her juice and open her heart with an overpowering squirting orgasm! Become that 1 in a billion man that she can’t live without. Taught by fellow sex coaches Laura and Jakob. After this, your sex life will never be the same ever again!

Bedroom Boss – Release Your Lady’s Inner Sex Freak!

Are you like MOST men who have a boring, monotonous sex routine? Think about it. If you’ve been doing the same damn predictable thing for months, or even YEARS, the novelty has worn off and… your lady’s tired of it. She’s just going through the motions.

Now you can learn the secrets to DOMINATE ANY woman in the bedroom – from a 1 night stand, to a girlfriend or wife and make them WANT to be with you and ONLY you with every fiber of their being. Breathe NEW passion into an existing relationship or lay an amazing foundation for a new one. Taught by fellow sex coach Adam Armstrong.

How To Get Women To Do Anything You Want Sexually!

You learn how to get her to try new things that she’ll ultimately really enjoy. If you want her to do some sexual technique with you that she really doesn’t feel like doing, or do something more frequently than what she does now, this Mindblowing psychological technique is a PROVEN performer! From anal sex, freaky blowjobs and BDSM to even 3somes, I walk you through how to do it step by step. Most guys get what they want from their women in 2 weeks or less with this proven method!


100 Great Sex Games For Couples - By an Oprah Love Expert

Have you been a couple for years and have come to the realization that your sex life could use some more…‘fire’? Ever wonder how do some couples make “hot and passionate” love year-after-year, while other couples barely keep it alive? Well realize that sex games are a great way to enjoy more sex, have fun and feel closer to each other as a result. Why? Because the prolonged foreplay that’s encouraged by sex games, actually intensifies your orgasms!

Now you can have Oprah’s love expert show you 100 fun, erotic sex games that are sure to ignite an inferno in your lovelife! Learn things like – A brand new way to play with a deck of cards that will bring about amazing climaxes!;  an exciting game that leads to lovemaking in new places around the house; a great child’s game with a slight change of the rules can be reused for incredible lovemaking possibilities; a game that begins at a restaurant and the sex actions are determined by what’s on the menu and what the waiter says!; a guessing game that will have you burning with desire in just 10 minutes! And much more! Taught by fellow sex coach Michael Webb.

300 Creative & Inexpensive Date Ideas - By an Oprah Dating And Relationship Expert

Are you looking for a collection of expensive dates to really impress your sweetheart then this ISN’T IT! But if you want 100’s of INEXPENSIVE DATES that cost from $5 – $20 and are fun and unforgettable, then you have found a goldmine of information! If you’re sick and tired of ‘Dinner and Movie’ Dates, want to DOUBLE your chances to date the woman/ man of your dreams, or learn the proven secrets for keeping a relationship fresh and long lasting, then you definitely want to check this out!

In this invaluable resource, you’ll find super inventive picnic date ideas and tips on making dinner dates the most creative and romantic imaginable without spending a lot of money or time in preparation; dozens of dates that are perfect for long-distance relationships; dates specifically for celebrating the season, birthdays, anniversaries, vacation dates and other special occasions and more. Taught by fellow sex coach and Oprah expert Michael Webb.