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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – 3 Sneaky psychological tricks to turn women on. These are the best PUA training tips & tricks you’ll learn this week! That’s what I’ll answer in today’s video.


Hi my name’s Dillon Wilson the Couples Coach. I help single people and couples enjoy their lives more by having GREAT sex! I also help guys seduce girls & PERMANENTLY hook them with their sex game. Check out my highly popular video courses and ebooks at GuysAndGirlsCoach.com or click on the link below this video.  


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So why learn sneaky psychological tricks to turn women on? Because you want to make seducing girl as easy as possible. You want them thinking about you  as a sexual creature ideally BEFORE you even open your mouth. They do the same to us with their sexy clothing, their make up, the way they  walk. So you want to do the same thing to them. So with this sneaky PUA trick,  there are  steps to pull it off. It’s all psychological…there’s  psychology involved!


Ok here’s the 1st one… 


1 – Movement

So step one is you have to understand what attracts a woman’s eye. It’s three things: movement, silhouette and color. Po ejemplo, so if I sit perfectly still and all of a sudden you know this starts happening nothing else is moving where does your eye naturally go right. You can’t help it, it’s the movement. It’s the most attractive thing.



2 – Silhouette

So let’s say we have three things here right. We got one see ordinary silhouette, another word from silhouette and then we’ll add a third silhouette of these three. Where do your eyes naturally go right? Because it’s always going to go to the silhouette, that’s unusual the thing that it’s not used to seeing all the time right and the last thing is color 


3 – Color

We’ll stick with these so once again run the color where do your eyes naturally go to. It’s like you can’t help it your eyes just go there and that’s the thing to understand is that you want to use this to your advantage right because women can’t help except to look so remember moving silhouette in color and you’ll have you’ll be making women look where you want them to look.


Step two: Silhouettes make use of finger pointing and palm pointing the eye naturally follows where the fingers and palms point. Advertisers know this and use it. Let’s take a quick look at the research, so this is Science Daily and this is a source for research news, so this is what we’re looking at is a study a psychological research study and here’s what it says pointing a finger works much better than using pointed arrows so if you look here images of pointing fingers are much better at diverting people’s attention than directional arrows new psychology. Research suggests this was actually back in  though so it’s it’s been out for a minute researchers have shown that biological cues like an outstretched index finger or pair of eyes looking to one side affect people’s attention even when they are irrelevant to the task at hand abstract directional symbols like pointed arrows or the written words left and right do not have the same effect. It says something biological even though this is a research study in this is known long before this you know. 


This is why advertisers use you know fingers and hands and eyeballs and stuff to to direct people’s attention. It’s just something inherent in all women. I mean all all humans men and women actually yeah specific for what we’re doing is for women yet just creatures that we are our species even animals you can test this out with your dog you know if you have even a cat if you just suddenly point to something the dog will look in that direction or look where you’re pointing is. This is something natural so this is actually the science and psychology behind why what we do works so that’s the psychology and science behind it right? So let’s take a look at how that affects us practically so if i were to hold up a product like this right, I say this is the greatest product ever this is awesome and you know the day you get it on sale for just a dollar it’s worth you would still look at it yet the moment i do this so this product is the greatest product ever, this your eye naturally is drawn to it more then if i start moving my finger like this, it draws more attention to it. 


So with the finger pointing or with the palm so i say hey, this product is amazing right with the hand like this or even turn the palm this way because uh this will cover with the third with color helps as well so you see right right away you know what happens to it and your eye naturally is drawn to whatever you’re uh to whatever you’re you’re pointing to so remember this as we go into step three.


Step three: movement pointing and tapping at your crotch. You have to always be attracting attention to your crotch when you’re talking to girls and I’m not talking about being some kind of reader. When you walk up like hey, it’s right here right? It’s ready now you got to be smooth with it right? So you want it to be part of your natural way of speaking so you want to get used to doing this all the time. I’m going to show you three different ways of doing it. So observe now, you could have on sweatpants or a pair of jeans or whatever with jeans you could put your hook your thumb in the in your pockets uh yet the safest place is always in the waistline so you’re gonna do is hook your thumb of your left hand and your waistline and then with the fingers let it rest right there and see if when you’re if you’re talking to a girl like I’m doing right now. best pua training tip & tricks, pua training at home, pua training exercises, pua training strategy, pua training statement, pua training tips, pua training videos online, how to, pick up girls at a bar or at a club.


This is just how you naturally stand so you can tell very quickly, this is the way that you stand if you notice the eye is already going through the crotch so that’s the first way is with a single finger hooked into the waistline and pointing at your crotch. Now you add the tapping oh you know what was the name of that song right you just keep tapping it like that what was it I’m trying to remember the name of that song that i heard the other night and her eyes keep going there. It works, this works a hundred percent of the time. Now the next step is you use two fingers, so you you kick it up a notch right so you go from one finger and you use two fingers you know you kind of stand there like this right, very alpha male you know stance, you know if guys you’re trying to learn how to be be more masculine in movements you know, very alpha male stance. 


Because you’re if you notice my hips are kind of thrust forward right when I’m doing this I’m not all hunched over with my spine my spine is a wreck. I’m kind of like you know like this is it you know what i mean? You want to you want to know what I’m working with is right here right and that’s what you’re kind of doing so. Just remember the hips are kind of you know slightly drugs forward and then you’re here you know with both fingers you’re talking to her it’s like yeah you know blah blah blah yadda yadda and you know, you notice you got the two fingers pointing right towards your crotch now we have the tapping yeah what was it it was a motorcycle i was going to uh i’ll take my mind what was it called oh yeah it’s uh you know whatever you know blah blah blah and right. Then as you’re talking, you know she’s going to be looking at your crotch. Now the third way is using the palms. I’ve been covered before it’s like you know, you’re rolling at that product and look at this and look at that product right and this is a simple way of using it you know you hear hey you know the other day, I’m walking down the street and I’m like, I see this this bright red car and I mean it’s like really red it’s like someone’s seriously going through a midlife crisis and if you notice with the hand. 


It’s the palm once again is pointing towards the crotch you got to practice you don’t want to be like this you need to know where you’re pointing because then you’re pointing over there so you want to be off to the side like see this card. It’s like really your card gotta be that bright red you want to get that much attention and this way again the eyes are going are directed right to the crotch so the whole time while you’re talking. If it’s like even a five or ten minute conversation she is constantly looking down you know at your crotch and think about it if a girl is wearing like a blouse that’s you know showing off her boobs so it’s a tight blouse that show off her boobs how many times have you looked down her boobs when she’s talking to you like she glances away and you’re looking at her boobs and every time she looks back you’re looking back into her eyes you can’t help us at the look at her boobs and she did that on purpose right this is it’s the same strategy you’re just doing the same thing to her now with her looking at your crotch we’re gonna learn how to throw some kerosene on that in.


Step four: step four look away periodically to allow her to look at your crotch. The thing with women is, if you’re looking right into their eyes they won’t look down at your crotch. They’ll be using their peripheral vision. Women are masters, they’re experts at using their peripheral vision and they don’t need to look for alone, like we gotta look and be staring like oh that moment oh know they get a quick glimpse like this. That’s good they got the picture in their mind they’re good you have to make it easier for them look away periodically, to let her look at your crotch and i’ll demonstrate so you know as you’re as you’re talking notice how I’m staring away like this you know, what was the name of that ah there was a restaurant I had one, too. What was the name of that restaurant? ah I remember it was rascal’s chicken waffle I’m in la rosco’s chicken and waffle is like you know, it’s a it’s a I won’t say a national treasure yeah you know you said I’m flying with it. And all this activity is happening around the crotch. 


Now the whole time I’m looking away and I’m like I’m trying to remember something, I’m doing all this type stuff and she’s looking at the crotch, so what happens is every time you look back her eyes are going to go from here to here right? And pretty soon you’re going to catch her staring at your crotch even if you don’t she’s going to think that you you notice her staring at your crotch and she thinks that you think that she’s staring at your crotch when actually she’s staring at your hands yeah it doesn’t matter. So when that happens she may you may notice her skin she’s blushing like her skin will actually start turning red on her neck and her face she may start smiling nervously because you know women are always up in their head anyway right? And so what you want to do is don’t make a big deal out of it just smile and keep talking like it isn’t even a thing so just remember what you’re doing is the same technique women do to us that’s why they put on the tight blouse. 


That’s why they put on they may have a cup titties that they got on a bra and it’s brows so tight it squeezes the titties up to the next bubbling over making their titties look three times bigger right and you said they’re trying to have a conversation with them and every time they look away you’re looking at these titties and every time they look back at you like this and look the way you look at the titties they look back in like this and they know you’re looking at the titties yeah they did it on purpose then they gonna say something to us but looking at the titties you wear skin-tight clothes ladies and we look don’t say anything you did it all to yourself just you who wanted us to look at your tight-ass jeans and your tight shirt so anyway that’s what you’re doing so we’re going.


To wrap this up with step five. Step five color. The third one movement silhouette color. Here’s how we leverage color. It helps if you wear a pair of snug pants or a pair that highlights your dick foreign like gray sweatpants women a lot of them already know they like seeing a guy in gray sweatpants. Because with gray sweatpants, there’s shadows created around your your dick right, black jeans and black you know sweatpants you can’t there’s no shadow you have gray sweatpants you can turn to the side and women get those sometimes do like this to kind of you know look inside the side and they can see more the outline of your dick in your in your pants. 


So gray sweatpants, get a pair if you don’t have a pair also gray shorts right depending on the time of the year even you know snug jeans and things anything that’s going to help highlight your crotch you know. When you’re pointing to it so you got a pair of you know gray sweatpants on the color is already like attractive. Add that if your complexion contrasts with them like it’s like say mine does and then add to the movement as well or even the color of my palm, how it contrasts with the color of the sweatpants is going to get all this attention down there. So this is just using the psychology of it to make women start thinking about you as a sexual creature and be fixated on your dick without you even talking about sex. best pua training tip & tricks, pua training at home, pua training exercises, pua training strategy, pua training statement, pua training tips, pua training videos online, how to, pick up girls at a bar or at a club.


So I’m going to share a story with you about this one girl that i remember you know, when I use a strap when you when you do it properly you do it all the time, so you don’t even think about it right? It’s just something you want to make. This the natural your natural way of standing and moving at all times so to you, it’s not even something you think about. You just naturally do it whenever you stand around so this was this was the second lingerie model that I dated. This girl’s stunning  triple d I didn’t know there was such a cup size, natural all natural tall you know almost six feet tall you know pretty blond, he gorgeous facial structure nice stunningly attractive right, long as you’re very model for a reason. 


Anyway you know she and I go out on our first date and we spent we went to like some football game or something and i was wearing uh black swift and as you were graced my pants right like I just you just sheriff not these foot pains another pair they were great sweatpants. And I was doing the same things that you know that we discussed in this video so this is all you know throughout the day. Anyway you know when she and I eventually had sex for the first time, she was talking to me and told me she remembered our first date she said yeah I remember our first date you had a your dick was hard all throughout the day. 


I doubt my dick was hard all day long, it was hard at various points throughout the day yet she noticed it right because I was doing that stuff and that was in her mind so this is now this woman like had guys on her all the time she actually said guys were her playthings she would like toss them away all the time right, yet these are the things that helped me stand out with her so from the moment on our first date I wasn’t even talking about sexist footballs everything else yeah. She couldn’t help except to keep noticing that I had an erection and it was it stayed in her mind all the way up to the time we actually had sex the first time. 


So with women is always psychological ploys like this that help you so remember before you even start you know opening your mouth and and you know saying whatever you’re going to say you want to have all these sort of psychological tricks and tips you know, to have them already thinking about sex with you this also helps to eliminate you from being put in the less just free friend zone you know having all these types of things in place. So give this sneaky pool you know psychological trick a try yourself and see how it works for you. best pua training tip & tricks, pua training at home, pua training exercises, pua training strategy, pua training statement, pua training tips, pua training videos online, how to, pick up girls at a bar or at a club,


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Crazy Shit Women Say In Bed When You’re Fucking Them | Woman Mind Sex Tips & Reading


Learn how to give ANY women 3 – 5 orgasms at your command!


VIDEO TRANSCRIPTON Crazy Shit Women Say in Bed. women mind sex tips and how to read them that’s what I’ll answer in today’s video. 


Hi my name is Dillon Wilson, the couple’s coach. I help single people and couples enjoy their lives more by having great sex. Also help guys seduce girls and permanently hook them with their sex game. If you’d like to learn how to give any woman three to seven orgasms every single time you have sex then click on the link below this video to learn more.


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💋 ‘The Ecstasy Method’ (Video Course)The PROVEN System For Giving Women, Mind Blowing Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. Become a SEX GOD To Women! Lean how to give ANY woman ANYWHERE 3 – 7 MULTIPLE ORGASMS each & every time you have sex! Get ANY woman SEXUALLY ADDICTED to You!


So the other day I decided to look up crazy shit women say in bed when you fuck them to put together a woman mind sex tutorial and guess what you can’t find any of this stuff online. Everything is is about stuff that guys say to make men look like losers. It’s written for the ladies. Well I’m gonna put some of the truth out there. Now if you don’t last more than three minutes in bed you may have never heard stuff like this before. So here are 10 crazy-ass statements that women have made in bed when getting fuck that they said either to me or other guys.


So I’ll share three things. One is what the women actually said. Two is when they said it before during or after the sex and three are my friends who are experienced Puas players playboys whatever you want to call it and my mind sex reading on why the women said.


Okay so here’s the first one.


1) Why does good sex always give me the shaky legs walk?

Now if you don’t know what the shaky legs walk is I’m going to demonstrate this for you. right. so women get out of bed and they try to go to the bathroom or something like I’m so confused right the legs are shaking around because you know the muscles are still like you know twitching and everything right. Now this was said uh after the sex and our our our woman mind sex reading on why she said this is because of the positions that she had been put in and the magnitude of the fuck. And this is key because your key position if you put a woman in you just straight pounding right and they like it they like you feeling that force in their vagina in certain positions. Maybe see they can’t slam they’re like right having orgasms and stuff and then they get up and they just confuse they don’t know what the hell is going on.


2) My legs are long and my pussy is deep. 

And this one a woman said to me and I gotta tell you her pussy wasn’t that deep now if I thought this was original I hadn’t heard this one before and even when she said it, i just kind of smile I kept flowing with it though yeah then i like teased her about it for like a month afterwards like we walking down the street holding hands or something I’m like yeah you know I was thinking about the other day you know but with your legs being so long and your pussy being deep is he like oh my goodness I’m so embarrassed I cannot believe i said that. It was cute to me you know if we met today I would still bring that up just to make her blush and land. yet this was said before the sex and our woman mind sex reading you know on this is this a woman when she says something like this she wants you to put her legs up so you can fuck her deeply right. she might you know also like wrapping her legs around you so you get deep penetration so if you have a woman say something like that you know you’re certain again you know the sexual positions you want to get deep penetration because that’s what she really enjoys.


3) Why does good sex make your butt grow big? 

This one was said to me and this was said afterwards and our woman mind sex reading on this one is there used to be an urban myth that anal sex or have hitting a doggy style increases the size of a woman’s ass. and the women actually believe that anything like this women feed into yet a lot of women did believe this right so yet also it could just be because of the tingling sensations and i asked you I’m smacking the ass and hitting the doggy style I’m working in. it’s an Olympic caliber performance for me you understand always standard you know. So afterwards you know her booty is tingling she can feel it in her booty and it feels like she just had her booty worked out so you know this was uh this is why she said that.


4) Oh shit it feels like I’m getting pregnant.

Now this was said to me as well. this was said during sex. our woman mind sex reading on this one was most likely there was deep penetration happening you know possibly into her cervical canal that made her feel like she may be getting pregnant. Like it’s really deep like you know she really could feel it. again knowing having knowledge of those sexual positions really helps with that so if you hear something like that you know at some variation you’re getting deep penetration.


More Pua training from a previous article:


5) Oh you’re giving me a toothache. Oh you’re giving me a toothache

Now this was said to me you know and i remember thinking at the time hearing this girl was writing me at the time she’s saying this I’m thinking what like that’s not sexy you don’t think of a toothache as being a it’d be different to see if it was like a dentist if she was in the s m or something yeah she was a chiropractor you know so I was like that was weird yeah you remember don’t don’t try to figure these chicks out just just flow with it right just flow with it. So this was said during sex as she was actually approaching orgasm like literally orgasm maybe like a minute or two later you know she’s approaching orgasm saying it’s over and over again. So our woman mind sex reading on this one is she’s felt the sensation in her mouth, you know based on a sexual position, sometimes it’s just like if you have a toothache right the tooth here might be bad did you feel pain over here or pain somewhere else in your body also you could have an issue with your feet they’re causing uh issues in your spine you actually feel it in your spine and actually the root cause is something in your feet. So we believe that she the sexual position, the way she was feeling because she was riding me and she was kind of leaning to the side that somehow she was feeling it in her teeth obviously it felt good it was probably the best feeling tooth ache that woman probably ever had in the life. Yet you know that’s what we came up with.


6) If you keep fucking me like this, I will lose my mind.

Now this was said during and afterwards. and a woman mind sex reading on this one was because of the magnitude of the fucking. you start with the magnitude of the fucking. and, plus the stamina and endurance you know she was completely overwhelmed. A lot of women are only used to they’re used to being with guys that only last three to five minutes if that a lot of guys that’s the standard three to five minutes. so even if you’re at 20 minutes that’s not even a long time yet. I mean 20 minutes 30 minutes and you know you’re bringing it most women gonna be overwhelmed with that.


7) Why does good sex make me forget where I’m at?

This was something she screamed several times over and over again and this was said during sex. the woman mind sex read on this one, one is because one you’re doing it right laying it to her correctly. they’re confused their mind is short circus this is what happens right definitely because of the magnitude of the fucking, remember that one the magnitude of the fucking, in combination with the stamina and the endurance. now personally i usually cut my sessions with women I maxed out an hour and a half. Usually like an hour and a half I feel a woman out there right. yet realistically dudes guys uh ejaculate under 10 minutes three to five minutes. Most women hit their orgasm around 15 minutes some sooner right you have 15 minutes if these dudes even lasted 10 minutes longer, if you lasted five minutes you could last 10 minutes longer, you could have a simultaneous climax most women climax at 15 minutes. so that’s why you’ve been going 20 25 minutes you know what you’re doing she’s already had an orgasm. she’s happy he’s all get out and you’re still adding up the magnitude of the fucking.


8) Will you be my boyfriend?

Now this is said right afterwards. now, a woman mine sex read on this one is the sex was really good and she wants to take your ass off the market. you know that’s a pretty simple one yeah that’s how they do it. when you hit it right you don’t have to ask a woman to be your girlfriend. she’s going to come after you the pressure is on. i mean literally you are pulling out of the pussy, and that’s, will you be my boyfriend it’s like can i even get the condom off girl right? that’s what it means that’s how you want to work it.


9) You can come inside me or we better be careful I’m ovulating.

Now obviously this is said you know usually during. the woman mind sex read on this one one it feels really good and it it’s turning her on like she could be one of these women who just like to take risks like that. some women are built that way. they like you know living dangerously at least when it comes to that and they’ll you know they’ll go for it they’ll want to encourage you to do it and uh the other thing is she could be approaching her her cycle and right before usually a week before a woman’s cycle her hormones are kicking in and she’s horny. she can’t help it. she gets really horny you know proceeding and what usually when you get to know a woman you can kind of tell when it happens yeah as a rule it’s usually leading up to it you know, like a week before her cycle begins, she’s really horny. so much so that she will start dressing in a sexy way and may not even realize, she just says oh if you were to ask her why she has his outfit on she’s like someone do something different no hormonally she’s she’s horny and she’s trying to attract a male so that she can mate. 

So if you see ever see a woman who’s dressed really provocatively don’t think that you know don’t be intimidated go up and talk to her you could probably hit that the same day. Because hormones women women can’t overcome their hormones if their hormones want them to fuck, they’re fucking. so you see a woman who is dressed really provocatively you know sexually, go up and talk to her because she’s ready to get it on. oh yeah one other thing, if if if there’s a woman you trust and she’s on the pill 100, then you know you might want to go ahead and come inside of her. If not do not do not do that put three columns on, do not rely on the rhythm method. some guys are still using the rhythm it’s like when you look at it in the 60s or 70s or something. do not rely on the rhythm method because it’s a surefire way to wind up with a child support payment for the next 25 26 years.


And finally…


10) I only do this with my boyfriend.

That was said before, and the other, what are we doing? said right afterwards. now even though the timing is different with those they both mean the same thing. she likes you across the board. everything is good. and now she has sex with you and she realizes that not only are you sexually compatible, she enjoys the sex. she wants to take your ass off the market and lock you down in a committed relationship. now I’ll share a story with you, this is another lingerie model I dated, if you’re going to date models I’d recommend long as you’re remodels the other girls are just regular girls just putting on clothes, you know your laundry models tend to have you know take sexy to the next level. so, she and I were about to have sex for the first time, and I told her she she was uh coming over my house I was cooking her dinner, right it’s something i cover in my my Pua training course of cooking at dinner so she was coming over my place that night. And I always would tell girls and coming from my place to dress comfortably yeah you know wear something comfortable right, like a nice skirt pretty dress something like that you can relax in also it makes it for easy access when it comes time to throw down right. this girl shows up with skin tight jeans on, I could not get these jeans off this girl, she was probably flexing her thighs or something make it more challenging because I’m, she’s in my bed. I’m trying to pull the jeans off of her I broke a sweat doing this, right, I never got the jeans off of her before this conversation happened. and as I’m pulling her gene trying to pull her jeans off of her she says, she said that to me oh I only do this with my boyfriend. now when you’re in a mode where you’re you’re picking up a lot of girls like you’re doing quantity, it’s easy for a woman to say the wrong thing and you throw her ass out, because like I would make I will send out a mass text message and be knee deep and pussy in 90 minutes with a different girl. it’s a different mentality so I remember that so my initial reaction was like you know, and then I was like Dillon, just relax the pussy is right there, right, it’s I mean it’s in your bed. like all right, all right so I had to go and you know to my seduce my master seducer mode and I said okay. she said all right I only use my boyfriend obviously she wants me to commit to her thinking I’m some kind of sucker or something was okay you’re so sexy with your sexy body I’ll commit to you right now before even having sex with you you know the strong army into a damn relationship committed relationship. so she says yeah. ” I only only do this for my boyfriend ” and you know I looked at that I said oh that’s ridiculous that’s a surefire way to mess up a potentially good relationship. I mean if people you know commit to each other, get into a committed relationship before having sex, they don’t even know if they’re sexually compatible. and you know that’s one of the pillars of a strong relationship, sexual intimacy so you go and commit to someone and then afterwards you’re committed and you finally make love for the first time, and you realize you’re not sexy compatible. you know it’s not going to work and now two people are going to be seriously hurt because of this. that’s why smart people want to build a strong relationship, they make love first because they want to know that they’re compatible in every way. that’s how you flow with it right? and then the moment I said that, her knees went legs popped right open she rolled those panties on down and it was on. so by knowing these you know these different uh women mind sex statements and stuff you can learn different tactics and strategies on how to capitalize on that.


So there you go share any crazy shit you’ve heard women say before during or after sex in the comments below. And hey even if you’re a lesbian I’d love to hear your comments, share what in the comments you know what you’ve heard from other chicks. I would love to hear this or if you have thoughts on on the ones that I’ve shared my video, I’d love to hear your thoughts too put them in the comments below. And make sure you like this video and smash that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the next fun video. And sign up for my woman mind sex tips email newsletter to get more training tips in your inbox.


Lastly if you’d like to learn how to give any woman three to seven orgasms every single time you have sex and have her speaking in tongues and saying crazy shit then click on the link below this video to learn more.


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Again, my name is Dillon Wilson, the couple’s coach. 

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Guys! 5 Reasons You May Be Fucking AWFUL In Bed According To The Ladies | Why Are Guys Bad In Bed


Learn about our Seduction Video Courses and eBooks!


VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – Guys! 5 Reasons You May Be Fucking AWFUL In Bed According To The Ladies! That’s what I’ll answer in today’s video.

Hi my name’s Dillon Wilson the Couples Coach. I help single people and couples enjoy their lives more by having great sex!

I also help guys seduce girls & PERMANENTLY hook them with their sex game.

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💋 ‘The Ecstasy Method’ (Video Course)The PROVEN System For Giving Women, Mind Blowing Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. Become a SEX GOD To Women! Lean how to give ANY woman ANYWHERE 3 – 7 MULTIPLE ORGASMS each & every time you have sex! Get ANY woman SEXUALLY ADDICTED to You!



Ok so you know women have trouble making a decision on MOST things in life yet when it comes to deciding if you’re good or BAD in bed, that they can do without hesitation.

And any man knows if you’re not satisfying your lady sexually, that’s a recipe for disaster. NOTHING good can come out of that.

So how do you know if your sexual performance is cutting the mustard or if it’s outright shitty? Well here are 5 of the most common things guys do to be considered absolutely AWFUL in bed by the ladies.


1. You’re a two-pump chump or a 3 stroke joke.

Breaking news, if you’re done having sex in less than 10 minutes, you most likely have a dissatisfied moment. Remember, men are like light switches and women are like an iron. We can go from 0 to 60 liters like you know turning on lights, oh, we’re ready. Yet, women are like plugging an iron you to wait for them to heat up after a while, right.

So ten minutes, she’s literally just getting warmed up, she’s really turned on and you’re, you’re done already, alright? That’s lousy. So I got some great articles in my blog that show you natural ways of actually lasting longer in bed. And you can check this out for free. 

You can also check out my highly popular ebook: 21 all natural ways to last longer in bed, using literally just one of two of these proven methods will help you extend your time, three, four hundred percent or more. And it’s all natural, there’s no viagra, uh cialis or anything like that. And this helps you even if you’re struggling with premature ejaculation. I got a lot of guys who like it and they get the ebook for that. The link to that is below this video.



So use any of those things above. This way, the next time you ask her, hmm ” How was it baby?” She won’t roll her eyes and say, ” It was good. ” while secretly thinking that you’re a three-stroke joke. 


2) Bad Hygiene – You’ve Got to WASH Your Ass!

So if you’re getting up close and personal with a girl you’re having sex, you noticed that she stops talking, starts staring up at the ceiling and you see her checking the clock. There’s something going on about you that she finds funky. There’s nothing that kills the mood more than bad hygiene. So you want to make sure that you brush your teeth, that you gargle, that you take a shower even if you think that you don’t need one. Take a shower. And don’t forget to get those cracks and crevices, especially the crack of your ass. 

The ass sweats a lot, right? Especially if she’s gonna be giving you a head and stuff. You don’t want to ass sweat and ball sweat intermingling that, that’s a bad thing. 

I’ll share a story with you. This isn’t about ass sweat yet. This is like this one, the woman I dated and it’s aluminum point. Gang shoot this girl is, you know, physically super attractive, 10. She’s’ hit on like five to eight times a day. The gas station stores everywhere, my girlfriend. And, she stops by after work to come and visit me, right? So I opened the door, let heer in, ” Hey, sweetheart and she leans in to kiss me, you know, the usual boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. She leaned in to kiss me and when she opened them out, she was like, ” hi, baby “. This stink cloud, emanated from her mouth and just powered and smacked me in the face of my, oh God damn, you know, it sends the hairs in my nose. It seemed like. And I was like, ” oh, sweetheart but did you have like lunch at a sushi bar or something because her breath was wicked, right? She’s like ” oh, is my breath not smelling fresh” I’m like ” no, it’s smelling crazy, I’m reacting to it ” I said, ” listen, I have some mouthwash up in my bathroom. This stuff reportedly kills 99 percent of the germs that cause bad breath. Hopefully you don’t have any of the one percent that it doesn’t kill you. I’m pretty sure, it’ll knock it out. So if you gargle. Then come back down here, I’ll wait for you and then she left. She couldn’t believe I was saying it. She’s ” are you serious? ” I’m like, ” I’m serious girl, go on. ” And so she went upstairs laughing, went there and gargled with my mouth. While I came back down and I was like ” that’s what I’m talking about baby, mwah mwah ” I gave her a kiss. 

Yet, that illuminates a couple of points, one, you know teach women how to act, how to treat you. You understand, you got to let them know. Doesn’t matter how, what they look like. It’s jsut how you interact with me, that’s how you treat me. Don’t come in here with your breath humming like that. if you need to do something, go brush your teeth or whatever gargle and come back down, you know. I’m not some dude that’s going to be kissing you because you look cute and you got a wicked garbage can. I’m telling you it was like you know in the summertime, you got a garbage can and you take a lid off of it. 

It wasn’t that bad you kind of right. And number 2 is that breath was seriously a turn off, you know. So anything that I might have been thinking in the moment was was quash until she took care of it. So make sure you cover all your bases because literally, something like that can kill the sex. 


3. You treat sex with her like it’s a porno movie.

Now if you’re spending more time, you know, staring at her vagina and her titties, he just fixated at the vagina and looking at the titties not even looking into her face. You know, you’re trying out a series of high flying daredevil sex moves, you know, including like the pile of driver where you’re pounding up and down a girl or you go right for anal sex each and every time. Guess what she doesn’t want to be a porn star. She wants you to treat her like a sexy lady. There’s a world of difference.

You know I’ll share a story with you. This was a buddy of mine from years ago. he had a very attractive girlfriend right. And he wasn’t used to getting those kind of girls. This one, she was cute, she was a cutie. And then one day, he tried anal sex. If she wanted to try anal sex and it was his first time having sex and so when he had anal sex with her, he freaking loved it. He freaked out. He could not stop telling us how amazing, ” I’m telling you fellas, the anal sex was amazing. ” He just kept going I was like, ” dude, we heard you the first 10 time. ” He loved anal sex with her. 

Here’s the problem, cause he think that’d be a good thing right? he only wished to have anal sex exclusively, no vaginal sex. So if we well he heard  about it he was like dude no woman wants to go for that you got to have vaginal sex too and then maybe transition into some anal sex. 

He’s like ” Oh, anal sex is so amazing.” he couldn’t get the anal sex our of his head. Well. ultimately, what happened, she broke up with her, right?

And he was like, ” Oh, baby please give another chance. ” She’s like ” no “. Ans she broke with him. We were like ” dude we told you, no chick, IO mean it’s different if you fo 80% vaginal sex 20% anal sex. No chicken was 100% anal sex, right? And that just turned her off. That’s a bit extreme. I don’t know how many guys do stuff like that. Yet you need to keep that in mind that is actually a way to make the sec bad with a woman. 


4. You turned her off so much that she’s over you. 

Scenario, you’ve been dating for a while yet the sex has become less frequent and monotonous. She’s gotten a little distant lately. She doesn’t return your calls or text messages as quickly as she used to. Next time you know, she stays out late till like 3AM on a Saturday night hanging out with girlfriends. Like what the hell is going on here? right? it’s like you know what bro, she’s just not that into you anymore. You’ve turned her off one too many times. She’s all searching for greener pastures. A better lover and more specifically, a man who actually cares about her sexual needs. 

As far as she’s concerned you can pack up your shit and go be lousy in bed with another woman.

Learn how to turn her BACK on. Read my previous article:

How To Turn A Woman On Physically | 12 Tips On How To Turn A Girl On Fast!


5. You’re just not that good. 

Maybe you were virgin when you met her. Maybe you suffer from penis crippling anxiety. maybe you just don’t get this whole sex thing. Or maybe women intimidate you. maybe you just need to do some research in this whole sex department thing. 

Here’s the thing, if you suspect that you may not be that good in bed. Simply ask her this, ” hey baby, I’m thinking about taking a course to learn how to be a better lover in bed. You think I should take it? ” If her answer is anything other than NO, it means hell yes! That’s how women are. They never come out and say yeah take the course, you lousy dick. You know? They’re not going to say that because they’re thinking about your feelings. So they’ll say everything else. Well, if you think you should, you know, if you think it’s a good idea if you know, all that type of shit. Unless she says, ” no, you don’t need that course, you are awesome in bed. Then don’t take the course. Don’t do what but you know, don’t do it. yet the answer is anything other than no, she wants you to take the damn course. Or read the ebook or whatever. 

Another option is you can also ask her to help you become a better lover. And all women think that they’re secret sex experts anyway. So it will actually make her care about you a little more that nurturing quality is she has it within her come out of her and she’ll do what she can do. Her mind, you know, turn you out.

So what can you do? Step up your bedroom game. Come on. The first step is you have to actually first want her to enjoy herself. Ideally, even giving her an orgasm or two, everytime you have sex. It’s just not complicated, bro. You know fyi, to your advantage, there are some guys out there, who don’t have a good, a strong sex drive. They just don’t wish to have sex that much. They’re either one or that way, or two, their diet is such or they’re body essentially, they’re not producing the same amount of testosterone. They could be you know 30 40 50 whatever or they have a diet they don’t realize it’s actually killing your testosterone production, you know that kind of thing. And their sex drive is low. And you. she’s dated guys, like she’s met guys like this. So just know that you have it working your favor if you have a good sex drive. You just got to step up your bedroom game. 


Fortunately I can help you in this department. I have a very popular course where i show everday guys how to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom and have them thinking that you’re a sex guy. It’s called ‘The Ecstasy Method The PROVEN System To Give Women Multiple, Mind Blowing Orgasms. Every. Single. Time.’ 

I have seduced and sexed up 100s of women from all over the world and along the way developed some innovative methods…this course being the best. In this easy to learn course, you learn how to give any woman 3 – 5 orgasms (or more) each and every time you have sex. Once you learn it and and use  it even 1 time, you pretty much have it. 

My personal record is 15 orgasms for 1 woman in 1 session. And these are all dick initiated orgasms, like no cunnlingus. not like using your fingers and lips just your loved one which is the preferred method that woman love to have an orgasm and all of the finger stuff and mouth stuff is good. it’s nothing like them right having a stiff one hard inside of them when they have an orgasm. They love that. 

So the course, you know each video will take you through step by step what to do. And you can’t find it in Google. You know this is my own invention. It didn’t exist before this. Ans it’s so effective, I give you a complete 60 day money back guarantee you try for two months, right? And if it does not work for you, you just let me know and I’ll refund every penny. Who’s gonna do that? Right?  So that course you is amazing and literally, it’s life changing.

The link to this life changing course is below this video. 



💋 ‘The Ecstasy Method’ (Video Course)The PROVEN System For Giving Women, Mind Blowing Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. Become a SEX GOD To Women! Lean how to give ANY woman ANYWHERE 3 – 7 MULTIPLE ORGASMS each & every time you have sex! Get ANY woman SEXUALLY ADDICTED to You!



So there you have it 5 Reasons You May Be Fucking AWFUL In Bed According To The Ladies! Now, try some of the solutions I shared with you in this video. You nor your lady will regret it. Also make sure to sign up for my ‘Naughty Tips’ email newsletter to receive  sexy seduction sex tips in your inbox each week.

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Again my name’s Dillon Wilson The Couples Coach. 

Don’t miss my next video where I share another sexy seduction tip. See you next video.


[Video] How To Turn A Woman On Physically | 12 Tips On How To Turn A Girl On Fast!



Learn about our Seduction Video Courses and eBooks!


VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – How To Turn A Woman On Physically and even How To Turn A Girl On Fast! That’s what I’ll answer in today’s video.

Hi, my name’s Dillon Wilson the Couples Coach. I help single people and couples enjoy their lives more by having GREAT sex!

I also help guys seduce girls & PERMANENTLY hook them with their sex game.

Before we get underway, if you’d like to learn more about pleasuring yourself and your partner in fun, new and exotic ways, or how to effectively seduce women, check out my highly popular video courses and ebooks at GuysAndGirlsCoach.com or click on the link below this video.

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💋 ‘The Ecstasy Method’ (Video Course) The PROVEN System For Giving Women, Mind-Blowing Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. Become a SEX GOD To Women! Learn how to give ANY woman ANYWHERE 3 – 7 MULTIPLE ORGASMS each & every time you have sex! Get ANY woman SEXUALLY ADDICTED to You!



Ok so how to turn on a woman physically, fast with verbal and nonverbal cues? I’m going to break this down for you fellas! So take notes.

A lot of guys have no clue as to how to turn on a woman physically or with words. They just think whipping their dick out is enough! WRONG!

So I’m going to put a stop to that today, by sharing with you 12 of the Best ‘Girl turn on tips’ that are time tested and experience proven. We’ll start first with things that you do to yourself to turn a girl on and THEN we’ll go to things that you do to her to turn her on fast!


How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 1:

Your clothes – Guess what fellas, women like a lot of the same things that we do. Girls get turned on fast when you show some skin. Got nice arms? Wear things that show off your arms like tight-fitting shirts or short sleeves.

They LOVE nice legs so wear pants or shorts that draw attention to your legs. 

If girls have said you have a great butt. Then select pants or jeans that draw attention to it.

Bottom line, you should dress to accent your best attributes. This starts turning women on BEFORE you even open your mouth.


How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 2:

Smell Amazing! This is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls. The right cologne or oil will get their engines revving. Oftentimes they just start smiling and compliment you “Oh you smell good!”.




How To Turn A Girl On Fast Tip 3:

Dress sharply in a blazer or tailored suit. Walk with confidence like you know you look good…and her heart and loins will melt. You’ll instantly look hotter and more powerful in her eyes.


How To Turn A Girl On Fast Tip 4:

Make her notice your dick. When a woman has nice boobs or booty you can’t help but look right? It’s like some unseen force is MAKING you check out those tits and ass! Women know this! This is why they wear clothes that highlight their butts and boobs. They even pad their bras and get padded panties to make their butts look bigger because they know they will turn you on. Hint hint.

Well, you can do the same thing to them. Plenty of entertainers put a rolled-up sock or a sport protective cup in the crotch area of their pants to make it look like they have an erection. And it works! Women ALWAYS notice it and it turns them on EVERYTIME. 

Obviously, if sex breaks out you have to hide the sock or cup or you’ll have some explaining to do. LOL!


More pua training from a previous article:


How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 5:

Kiss your lady in OTHER areas: I’m not talking about her vagina!

Places like behind her ears, on the back of her neck, and even on her FOREHEAD. Chicks love it when you kiss their forehead, it’s a very intimate area,  and it’s different cause everyone else kisses on the lips or something, right? Kissing on the forehead is much more intimate and they can’t help but to like you more.

Their hands – caressing her hands, even kissing her hands ( kiss, kiss ), and my personal favorite, sucking on the fingers. Now, what I’m, I’m sure you want my tips, I’ll break it down for you, right? Usually three, these three are the best ones to suck on, right? You suck on these, and you’re gonna let your tongue go in and out of the finger, right? And as you suck them and you lick on them, this turns them on, right? And they hear what you say, like, ah, ” Are these the fingers that you use? ” 

And they’ll sometimes start smiling because they know what you’re saying. When women masturbate, they use like, a hand formation like this or they may use these fingers or something, yet using up these fingers may bring up the play, they play with their clitoris when they masturbate.

So you suck, you both –5:22—you’ll be anyway, you sucking her fingers be really intimate because it’s letting her know you like sexually so being calming down her fingers, that’s not good, you know like, you know, smooth get girl, yeah  ” Are these the fingers that you use, baby? ” She starts smiling and it gets her pre-lube of what you’re gonna be in bed. So hands are powerful even kissing, and then the sucking thing that I shared with you, bam you got it.

These are all sensitive areas for ladies and HUGE turn-ons.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast Tip 6:

My personal favorite, grab and twist her hair and bite her on the neck, arrr, or nibble. 

You know, on her neck. And you suck on it too, like a vampire. Now, so you’re like this, you know like, hey you’re kissing me. You don’t have to close your mouth the whole way, you just do it like this, that’s why I said nibble, so that she feels your teeth, your teeth up and down on her neck, but you don’t close your teeth together.

That’s why I say nibble, that’s what I mean. You know, you can bite or suck it like a vampire, now, now why it is huge? When done correctly, it is a huge turn-on for women. It’s very primal and very animalistic and they feel it, they feel like your manhood, like that the masculine energy that’s coming from you is strong.     

Now, the only issue is the hickey. Cause that’s when they say like, ” No, don’t keep, why are you sucking on my throat? You’re gonna give me a hickey. ” You know, first of all, what you do is can you regulate it so you don’t leave a hickey on her, right? 

Or just say, ” Look girl, you know, you got a turtle neck. That’s where your turtleneck will work. You’ll be alright. Just wear your turtle neck. “


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 7:

Give her a hand massage or especially a foot massage.

Especially the foot massage. They will start to melt instantly and the vagina juices will just start flowing. Some of them will orgasm on the foot massages. It’s amazing. 6 or more so different from us right?


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 8:

Surprise Her With a Treat

You know it could be something like picking her favorite candy bar or piece of chocolate cake. One cake, two forks so you share it. You know or even picking up a flower, a single flower. It doesn’t have to be a rose, be something, do something original, right? You know a single flower when you’re going to visit her going to see her and don’t tell her about you know, surprise her with this is a huge freaking turn onto women because it shows them that you were thinking about them even when you weren’t around them, right? 

And this is an easy win that so many guys oftentimes overlook. 

Now, I’ll share a story you know this, that happened to me a long time ago. This was a woman I dated. It actually became my girlfriend. This girl was a 10 plus like you know you have like a scare of like one to ten, this chick was beyond the scale. All guys hit on her from all different ethnic groups everywhere she went it was all the time.

She went to court for a traffic ticket the judge in the corporation was trying to hit on. She was that physically fine. Has all these dudes you know hitting on her. And a lot of guys tried to flash their money they have fancy jobs, fancy cars, they will, you know, flash their key fobs from their cars. For some reason, they didn’t have impressed her. 

I drove around in a used car, an older model car, had sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. I got the girl, here’s how it happened, right? So when she and I were talking, when I would crack jokes and you know she liked my personality and stuff. Never underestimate the value of humor, right? 

Yet then as I was talking about always finding out what the girls like. Some girls like chocolate, most girls chocolate. Some girls don’t. One girl like, they only like gummy bears, right? So you know that’s the treat. So, when I talked to her, she liked this special type of chocolate Claire that was only sold in local bakeries. 

It was something you pick up in casual conversation. We never talked about it. Again, y’all remember right? I said I never knew. 

And then one night, she and I were just getting to know each other, we hadn’t had sex yet, right? So she’s working at night, you know? Uh, running something like a diet center. She was the boss of the place, you know? And I called this, ” Hey, I’m gonna be in the area, I’ll stop by and say hi. Okay, come on through. “

So on the way there, I stopped at this group, this bakery and I got the little chocolatey Claire for her. It was raining and everything so I get to her office. I said, ” Hey, you know, how are you doing? Blah blah blah. She’s like, ” Thank you for stopping by, I know it’s late and it’s raining out. That means a lot to me that you would stop by to say. ” 

” Hey, sure cause I picked up a treat for you. ” She said, ” what is this? “

And she opened up the bag and when she saw that chocolatey Claire inside, her face lit up. It changed the dynamic of her entire day. She’s like, ” Oh, my God. I’ve been craving one of these all day. ” She was so happy from this three-dollar cake, right? So after she finished you know everybody what to do in the office, she took me to her office, remember we were just getting to know each other, we hadn’t had sex or anything yet. Next thing I know, I’m in her office and her tities are in my mouth. And she had 38 D’s like you, she looked like Apollonia from the movie Purple ring. 

So if you want to get an idea of what this one looks like, Google, uh Purple rain, the movie Prince was in. Look up Apollonia, that’s how she looked. Damn! That girl was nice. So her big ass, 38 Ds titties with my face, in my mouth, and I’m thinking, Damn, what happened, right?

And then she closed the office up and she told me before she was gonna have sex with me in my car. I Didn’t get all that yet. Anyway, we were sitting in my car and the next thing I know, she’s getting me hit. And I’m thinking to myself that she’s getting my head all this, from that silly ass, you know the chocolatey Claire. 

And here’s the thing, all those other dudes who were pursuing her lost out to me. These dudes are already establishing their careers, had moved houses, all that type of stuff, because the mistake was, they were, well, they were too busy trying to impress her. I was busy paying attention to her. So pay attention to her, find out what she likes, don’t say anything about it, go get one of those treats and surprise her with it and see what happens.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 9:

Cuddle with her. 

Yeah, I said it. Because it works. It’s one of my personal favorites. I love cuddling with girls. Few women on planet earth don’t like cuddling. If your woman doesn’t want to cuddle, there’s something wrong with her. Seriously. 

And the thing is when you try to do it, don’t try to bang them. Just cuddle with them, hold them in your arms while you’re watching the television or even listening to romantic music. What happens, they develop a strong emotional connection with you and their juices just start flowing.

I can say this from personal experience. My cuddle game is strong, I got all my couple techniques perfected, you understand? You gotta work your little rhythm, I have like, your sex, you’ve got your sex technique. You’ve got your kind of techniques. 

So I’ve worked my cuddle techniques on girls and they’re sometimes, just literally wanting to cuddle. I’ve told girls this, so many times, so many different girls. I called them on the phone like, ” Look ” I said, you know. ” Stop by for a little bit, we just cuddle. Spend time together, no sex.

” I specifically tell them, no sex. We’re just gonna cuddle, hold each other, spend time together, watch your show, listen to music, and just talk, right? Just chill. Like, ” Okay, yeah, it sounds good. ” 

I get there, you know we start, you know the caressing begins. You know, and then, sooner or later, they start kissing me, I’m kissing them, and next thing you know they’re always bouncing up and down on top of you.

I share this with you because I literally did LEGIT, and did not want sex, but every time I tell a woman this, it’s a turn-on. So you can try that strategy. Like you tell them, you know, we’re just going to cuddle, no sex and now it’s in their mind. ” how dare you to tell me what we can and cannot do? ” That kind of thing. And then you start cuddling, and they start feeling you, it breaks out into sex. 

To date, I’ve had sex with hundreds of chicks, I never had one woman who was legit able to just cuddle with me and not break into sex. So the cuddle strategy is STRONG.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 10:

Pick her Up and spin around.

Now you don’t have one of those heavyweight girls. I mean you ain’t trying to give yourself a hernia after all. Then you want to scoop her up off her feet and spin her around. 

And here’s the thing, don’t put her down until she says ” Pretty, please. ” or my personal favorite, ” Please daddy, put me down. ” And you tell her, ” I’m not putting you down. You want to put me down, you say, please daddy, put me down. ” And you’re plain and simple. So, ” Please daddy, put me down. ” That’s all you need, right? And you put her down.

Now the thing is women are suckers being lifted up and spin around like little freaking kids is what I’m saying, right? Think about it. psychology, most women, facts have not been picked up since they were children. Who was the last man that picked her up? Her daddy. So when you do that, you’re the next man since daddy, to actually pick her up. 

See guys can talk all kinds of stuff yet when you get the strength and you pick your girl up, there are a few things that masculine, you know, you want to get this alpha male stuff. Alpha male stuff like that, you know. 

Plus they also feel that you’re strong, you’re powerful and you’re dominant. These are all huge turn-ons for women. 


How To Turn a Woman On With Words Tip 11:

News flash actually talks about having sex. So she’s not going to think about having sex with you. uh, well, you know, if you, if you did some of the other stuff we covered already, yeah, she will, I’m just saying, you know. 

You want to plant those seeds there so you don’t wind up in the let’s just be friends zone, right? So she’s not gonna start thinking about having sex with you unless you plant those seeds in her fertile mind, right? And you want to have a few conversation topics ready to go. Let’s do that.

Here are a couple of winners. This has covered more of my courses and I’m going to share a couple with you now. So, yeah, you know, that’s what you say to her, yeah. I read an article the other day that said that women relate the way a guy dances with how good he is in bed.

Do you agree with that? Oh, really, why? and she’s going to start, you know, that’s kind of, that’s, that’s woman cocaine right there, they just….going right up in the mouth. yeah, what’s happening is now she’s imagining you, you know, and sex. She views you as a sexual creature. 

Here’s the second one. I was reading one of those magazines those women’s magazines in a supermarket the other day and there was an article that said that you can tell how good someone is in bed by the way that they kiss. If they’re a lousy kisser then they’re lousy in bed and if they’re a good kisser, then they’re good in bed. You know. What do you think about that?

Once again, she’s gonna be like….you know, she’s thinking of you now, right. And this is why you want to want to pay attention to kissing, your kissing game. You know, when you know this kind of thing. And Here’s the thing, I cover strategies like these and more in my How to Seduce Women Course. 

We, I’m gonna break it down fellas, you go from virgin to you know, sex guys, you know. And it’s in one course. Everything you need to know and it works with women all over the world. Not just one ethnic group. 

Also, a little FYI. You may not realize it if there is, a significant number of guys out there who don’t have a strong sex drive. I mean various ages. Not just you know dudes over 40 or 50 of all ages. Because they were either born that way or they don’t have enough testosterone.

Especially as they get older, they don’t even know they need to change their diet around, you know, too, uh generate more uh, testosterone, so their sex drive is low. So these are the dudes that the women, the whole point is, are used, to having sex with. So you know that your sex game is strong. You want to make sure that she knows it, right. 

And you say it, your body movements, little conversational topics like that. Let her know that your mind is about sex and when you do have sex, you throw it down. It’s like I do it, when I do it, girl. I do it right. And what it does is it makes her more curious about having sex with you.


How To Turn a Woman On With Contact Tip 12

Here it is. The granddaddy of them all..drumroll! wait for it! wait for it! Dance with her. That’s right. 

If you really want to lock it in with her and make her fall in love with you the first time, and fall in love with you, all over again, dance with it, right? All you do is turn on some music that she likes. You should know her music or have her playlist queued up or whatever.

And then when the music’s on, you extend your hand to her like this. And you’re saying in your smoothest, slowest, and deepest voice, ” Come over here and dance with me ” And just start smiling, right?

She’ll start smiling. Now, remember. Most girls love to dance. It’s something that you know, very sensual and very erotic and fully clothed. I mean their vagina juices are flowing right. 

And you don’t need fancy dance moves. Dance something slow and sensual, right? And the thing is, they’re feeling it because they know that the way you dance is how you’re going to be in bed. 

If you’re all up there like all jerky and weird looking, they’re like, ah, you just like, you know, it’s kind of putting your shoulders into it as you know, you’re hitting some, some rhythm, they’re like oh, that’s the right girl. 

This is a prelude to passion right here. They know, right! So I actually teach one of these dance moves to a simple routine that every man can pick up. Doesn’t matter if you literally have three left feet. You can learn these dance moves in my highly popular video course, The Ecstasy Method.

” The proven system for giving women multiple mind-blowing orgasms every single time. In this course, you learn how to give a woman an average of three to seven orgasms. It works on everyone, once you learn a technique, right? So I break it down in that course. 

Yet you know as far as dancing is concerned, it virtually always leads to sex right? Almost, always. Women know that how a man dance is how he’s gonna be in bed and literally once you start kissing and caressing, the clothes come off, titties in your face. And you know, panties are hanging from a lamp, or chandelier, or ceiling fan or something and sex is on. 



So there you have it. 12 Tips on how to turn a woman on physically and even how to turn a girl on fast. Try a few of these yourself and see how they work for you. 

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