How To Make Your Pennis Thicker And Longer Naturally – Pt. 1



Every time you read an article about how to make your penis thicker and longer naturally they start out by telling you that women don’t care about dick size and here are some statistics about penis length, blah blah blah.


Well, how about if YOU just want to get a monster dick because you want to! Statistics be damned! Just like chicks like to look in the mirror and see bigger titties and a plumper booty; men like to look in the mirror and see bigger muscles, flatter abs, and a more massive cock.


Well in this article, and over the next few articles and videos, I’m going to share with you bigger dick tips about what works and what doesn’t.

In this post, we’ll talk about penis pumps including the new hydro pumps.

Below is my answer to a question 1 of my clients asked me about since he was considering buying a hydro pump:


“The vacuum pump, whether it leverages air or water, gives you temporary gains yet any gain in size or girth is not permanent and goes away very quickly after you remove your dick from the pump.

They’re the equivalent of trying to expand your lung size by simply inhaling as much as you can and holding your breath. Your lungs do expand temporarily, yet the moment you exhale, any increase in lung size is gone.

A team of researchers out of Tehran University of Medical Sciences ran a study on 37 men over 6 months, testing whether these devices were effective in penile lengthening. 

Medical grade vacuum pumps are effective at treating erectile dysfunction yet not for getting a bigger dick or fatter cock. The one real benefit is the aesthetic appeal after you remove your blood-engorged dick from the pump.

It’s usually maxed out with its blood capacity so many men report loving the appearance of their dick as it looks like it’s about to explode. Lol! Yet there is no lasting growth from these devices. 



The ONLY method that even modern medical science agrees does work is essentially stretching your penis. It is the oldest form of penis enlargement practiced by cultures around the world for 1,000s of years. 


There are a bunch of techniques with this method oftentimes done with supplements for best results. Based on the ‘lung size’ analogy above, this would be the equivalent of jogging 3x per week for several months to naturally stretch or expand the size of your lungs. This method, if you’ve ever done any running or any physical sports, you know works and provides lasting results.


The ONLY issue with these methods is that you ALWAYS have to keep doing them to maintain the size gain from making your penis thicker and longer naturally. In other words, it’s like weight lifting. After you get to the muscle size and definition that you want if you decided to stop lifting weights for a month, what’s going to happen?


Right! Your muscles will start to atrophy. You’ll lose both definition and size. Such is the case with stretching to get a bigger dick or fatter monster cock. You’ll get a bigger dick and longer penis yet if you stop doing the stretching exercises for a month, you will start to lose your penis growth gains.”


NOTE – in the post, we’re just talking about pumps versus stretching. In future articles, we’ll discuss other options including penile lengthening surgery.


There are only 2 things that I’d recommend investing in if you want to make your pennis thicker and longer naturally and they are listed below:


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Why Do I Recommend Both?


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