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So why might you want to know how how to make your semen taste better? Well what guy hasn’t fantasized about a girl giving him head when he’s about to orgasm and then voraciously devours his semen? You see it in porno movies all the time. And admittedly, it can be a powerful turn on. There’s just one problem, unlike the women in the movies, women in REAL life tend NOT to like the taste of cum! Damn it!

So let’s find out what your jizz is comprised of, then take a look at how to improve the taste of cum so it tastes better for your lady.


What’s Your Cum Made Of?

Amazingly, your semen is mostly made up of water with fructose, sodium, plasma, mucus (lubricant), a variety of vitamins and minerals. It can range from tasting like bleach to tasting sweet. As a result, much of your flavor is not something you can control. However, you can make adjustments through diet and lifestyle to make your semen taste better.

Things That Can Make Your Semen Taste Better

Amazingly, there are some supplements, foods and drinks that can make your semen taste much better. I’ll start from most effective to least effective…



1) SemEnhance 

SemEnhance is what I recommend to all of my clients. SemEnhance are pills that improve cum taste immensely! Here’s how it works: SemEnhance flushes out the salty, bitter, unpleasant flavor that you probably have now (most guys are highly alkaline). After flushing out the bad flavor, it then goes on to enhance the natural sugars ALREADY in your semen and make their taste stand out. Bottom line, it improves the taste of cum and makes your semen taste a LOT better!

SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of your semen. The formula combines the fruits, vitamins and nutrients that are proven to sweeten your semen all in one tablet:

  1. Pineapple – Enhances your semen’s natural sugar taste!
  2. Vitamin C – Helps protect sperm from oxidative stress!
  3. Bee Pollen – Helps semen’s biochemical properties!
  4. Kiwi – High in semen-flavoring natural sugars!

* Most guys start to make their semen taste better after about 3 weeks – something your lady will likely verify.


Use SemEnhance And Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!


2) Sweeteners

There are lots of naturally sugary foods (not cookies and processed snacks) that can actually sweeten the flavor of your semen. Items such as pineapples, pineapple juice, cinnamon, wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint have all been shown to sweeten the taste of cum and make your semen taste better.


3) Cranberries

This tart fruit does the opposite with your semen and helps to balance pH levels. So if you’re going to have a drink make it a cranberry juice and vodka.


4) Celery

Celery is high in Vitamin C and helps flush some of the salty semen flavor out improving the taste of cum. 



5) Fruits

Eating more fruits like kiwis, apples, plums, cherries and blueberries can also help sweeten up your cum and make it taste good. These are all high in semen-flavoring natural sugars! It turns out vegans and vegetarians have the best-tasting semen! Probably because of their high intake of fruits and vegetables. 


6) Fruit And Vegetable Smoothies

Any type of fruit smoothie using the fruits or vegetables mentioned above will do to make your semen taste better. Yet here’s a recipe for green juice you can drink each day (make it yourself or have a juice bar make it for you):

Pineapple juice

Lemon juice

Peppermint extract



NOTE – You can even add some cinnamon for extra spice.



One last tip, praise and compliment your lady every time she swallows your cum. Make it a BIG deal when she does it and express how happy you are when she does it. This gives her an emotional and psychological reward. And while it doesn’t effect the actual flavor of your semen, it does make the semen swallowing experience far more enjoyable and fulfilling for the both of you.


So there you have it. Healthy all natural ways on how to make your semen taste better, improve the taste of your  cum and ideally make your lady ENJOY swallowing it a lot more!



   Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!


SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of semen. They are pills that improve cum taste. If you’re tired of girls spitting out your sperm after you cum then you have to try SemEnhance.  The all natural formula is designed to enhance the natural sugars already in your semen, make your semen taste better and make the taste stand out so you taste great!

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