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About Us

Your Personal Guide To Developing Your ‘Naughty Side’!

Hi I’m Dillon Wilson Master Sex Coach & Relationship Consultant. It’s been over 15 years now since I launched business ‘The Couples Coach’. Since then, I’ve sex coached 100s of single people and couples throughout the years helping them overcome their unique sexual challenges. And the results have been phenomenal for ALL of my sex coaching clients! Life changing…to say the least.

After getting my degree in Psychology, I travelled the world romancing 100s of exotic women, studying how different cultures engage in sexual intimacy and cataloging all of the cool sex tips and tricks that I, and my Playboy friends, have used throughout the years. Some of my passions include: being a professional film & TV Lead Actor, stunt man and recreational pilot.

All things that girls think are really cool! I‘m also the editor and publisher of a highly popular sex and relationship Blog and email newsletter with 1,000s of readers. Finally, I’ve written multiple books on a variety of sex coaching topics, produced some audiobooks and even an online video course all designed to help couples, single men and women to experience more fulfilling sex lives and enjoy sex a whole lot more!

So enjoy my blog, videos, tips and tricks from both myself and some of my carefully selected Sex Coach Colleagues & friends on ‘Our Courses’ page. And if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out!

Necessity Of Innovation In Sex

The problem is that everything from popular culture to dogmatic religious philosophy to pornography has distorted what you need to know in order to have good sex.

We cut through the myths and misinformation with research-backed, expert-led advice on how to experience (and give) more sexual pleasure, more often. We hope you’ll use all our resources on your journey, from finding new positions to try in our sex positions library to closing the orgasm gap, you’re sure to learn something new!


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