Swallowing Semen & Swallowing Sperm: The PROVEN Way To Drive Your Man Wild!


Eeewwww swallowing semen! If that’s what you’re thinking then SLOW DOWN ladies! You may be missing out on some amazing free benefits. And before you start thinking that this is just some way of getting you to swallow just to make your bf or husband horny, remember sperm and semen use was a common practice amongst members of the Roman aristocracy for 100s of years. They wished to realize the healthy & beauty benefits, anti-aging properties, etc. of male semen and sperm and they compensated people to do it! You could be getting it from your man for FREE!


So what are the tangible benefits for you to swallow your special guy’s baby juice? Well we’ll start with the obvious one, if you want to know how to make your bf horny, or make your husband literally lose his mind, simply tell him that you want to eat his cum the next time you have sex. He’ll be hornier than a horny, horn toad to get his cock in your mouth. This is a sex tip for women that you can bank on!



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It makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving! Lol!



Once you actually eat his cum, you will observe your husband, or bf, greatly relax. All the stress, tension and anxiety of the day will literally melt away and he will be…happy. And who does he have to thank for that? You…his love.


PRO TIP! Want to know how to eat cum to REALLY turn him on and make him horny? Look at the gifs below. 

You don’t always have to swallow it. Simply taking it into your mouth temporarily and then slowly spitting it out or letting it drip down your lips before wiping it off will drive him wild (like the top gif). You could even spit it out as he cums in your mouth (like in the bottom gif). Just remember to make a visually appealing show out of it and he will definitely want to reciprocate in any way he can!


Just What The Heck Is Semen Anyway?


To be clear, semen is DIFFERENT from sperm. While semen is a complex substance made mostly of water, plasma, and mucus (for lubrication), sperm are the cells that fertilize a woman’s eggs to make a baby. Since a single ejaculation of sperm may have 200 million to 300 million sperm cells, they need nutrients to travel up a woman’s vagina. Fructose (a sugar) is their main energy source.


So besides a little energy boost from the fructose in sperm, there’s really not much more to it. Whereas semen has a LOT more to offer!


Studies revealed that semen actually contains vitamins and anti-depressants. These help to elevate your mood (especially when you’re feeling down), bonding with him more (making you grow closer together), and making you fall asleep! Yes it will help you sleep better!



How? Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep and deep relaxation. You can swallow his semen or he can cum inside of you, yet once it enters your bloodstream you’ll doze off better than using sleeping pills. Now you know why you get so sleepy and fall asleep after having sex!


Did you know semen is also low fat?!? Semen is low in calories averaging only about 5 – 25 calories per serving. It’s made up of small amounts of vital nutrients including; Magnesium, Potassium, Protein, Zinc, Calcium, Citrate, Fructose, Glucose and Lactic Acid. Who knew!


To Swallow OR Not To Swallow


According to a study, swallowing semen on a regular basis can lower a woman’s blood pressure. Women who swallowed their man’s sperm have a much lower risk of getting pre-eclampsia (super-high blood pressure from a condition during pregnancy).


And lastly the beauty improvements. Here’s a great beauty and sex tip for women, swallowing semen and sperm actually improves your skin tone! A 2009 study showed that semen actually slowed down the aging process of women’s skin and muscles. The reason why is semen contains a good dose of zinc, which is an all natural antioxidant.






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Finally, it goes without saying to make sure you TRUST THE MAN whose semen or sperm you’re swallowing otherwise you could get some nasty sexually transmitted infections (It doesn’t hurt for both of you to periodically get an STD test).


Yet if everyone is healthy and happy, swallowing his semen (or sperm…it’s not a bad thing) will definitely elevate his mood, cause him to release a LOT of tension and stress and take it from me…HE WILL FEEL A LOT CLOSER TO YOU. It’s just how we men are built. 


For bonding as a couple, talking is fine yet if you REALLY want him to feel closer to you…swallow his semen!




Home Remedies To Keep A Man Hard On

Trying to find home remedies to keep a man hard on is very common for a lot of men. From time to time, a man is bound to have an issue getting hard or rather not being able to keep the erection. This in turn leads to a lot of men not enjoying sex at all and for most, they end up having no desire to engage in any sexual activities at all.

They have no confidence in themselves at all for fear of underperforming. They choose to not engage at all sexually rather than be embarrassed when they are not able to ‘get it up.


Having trouble keeping a hard-on once in a while is not necessarily something to get worried about but here are a few home remedies to keep a man hards on. These remedies are quite easy steps that are guaranteed to help reduce any issues in the bedroom that you may have keeping a hard-on and even boost your self-esteem and confidence.




  1. It is important for a man to maintain a very healthy diet, most importantly a diet that includes fruits and vegetables in it. Fruits and vegetables have many vitamins that are good for the proper functioning of your body. They are also known to improve the sex drive of a man.

Some of these fruits and vegetables include:





The first home remedy is carrots. This sweet-like vegetable that can be eaten either raw or cooked can increase a man’s stamina sexually like no other. These vegetables are not only natural and healthy but also very nutritious therefore helping to provide the man’s body with the necessary nutrients he may need to increase stamina and are inexpensive home remedies to keep a man hard on.


The second home remedy is garlic. Garlic has been associated with very many health benefits one of them being its ability to boost the immune system. Garlic has a lot of sexual advantages not only to just men but also for women who are looking to have a great sexual experience. With that said, garlic is definitely a must-have at your home at all times.


The third home remedy is onions. I think it’s fair to say that it’s next to impossible to not have onions around in your home.



Onions are used to prepare meals at home whether it’s preparing an omelet for breakfast or cooking a simple lunch or dinner for yourself or for your family. Little did most know that the very onions that we think can only be used to cook are also a very important key in helping to increase a man’s sex drive and the best home remedies to keep a man hard on.


When a man eats onions on a regular his sexual desire is increased which means that he will be able to enjoy sex even more than he was before. This will in turn make him be able to satisfy his partner. Not only because his sex drive has increased but also because he is getting to enjoy pleasuring himself.


The fourth home remedy is ginger. Just like garlic, ginger has also been associated with other benefits health-wise which include aiding in better digestion and helping in stomach upset. The sexual benefits of ginger include enhancing a man’s sexual arousal and also their sexual desire. When a man is full of desire and well aroused it’s safe to say that he will sexually perform as expected and leave both him and his lady satisfied.


Apart from these home remedies, there are also other natural ways that can help a man who’s looking to get a hard-on and for it to last longer.


  1. It is very important to note that ensuring having good health and maintaining a healthy body weight can also prevent you from getting or maintaining a hard-on. So as much as you are advised to eat healthily you should also be careful not to overeat to a point that you get to be obese and overweight as it will heavily influence your sex life and performance.



  1. Exercise is also of importance. You should at least try to have one or two exercises that you do on a regular basis to help improve your health. Research shows that a man who carries out aerobic exercises is less likely to have a problem getting a hard-on as compared to someone who does not engage in any aerobic exercises.


  1. And lastly, sleep is a very important key in a man’s sex life. Not only the sex life but health-wise. If you are not sleeping well, you’re bound to have problems with your sexual activities at some point as you’ll find it very hard to focus on the task at hand. This is because you’ll be too tired to get your mind to focus which will, in turn, lead to not being able to get an erection and even worse maintain one for a while.




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How To Improve The Taste Of Your Semen | Things To Avoid That Are Making Your Semen Taste Bad



Ok so here we go…the eternal question – how to improve the taste of your semen? Ever have a woman swallow your semen only to quickly spit it back out? Even worst is when they almost gag when they do it and make all sorts of yucky noises. This happens usually because they don’t like the taste of your semen because it tastes bitter and smells nasty. Talk about being anti-climactic. Lol! 


So let’s take a look at why it tastes this way and then we’ll share a simple solution for it to improve the taste of your semen.


Why Does Semen Taste Bitter?

Your semen often smells like chlorine or ammonia and tastes slightly sweet due to it’s high fructose content. That being said, the taste of semen tends to vary slightly from person to person. 

About 95 to 98 percent of semen isn’t even sperm. Most of it is water, fructose, enzymes, minerals and compounds that keep sperm healthy.


Things to Avoid That Are Making Your Semen Taste Bad

There are some foods and lifestyle choices that affect the taste of your semen. Addressing them is how to make your, or his, sperm taste good. Let’s take a look at some:




1) Drugs And Alcohol 

Drugs and alcohol may feel good going down yet wreck the flavor of your jizz coming out. To improve the taste of your semen, save these for AFTERWARDS.


2) Smoking

You had to know this was coming. Cigarette smoke WILL flavor your semen. It’s best to let it go or embrace the reality that you’ll just always have nasty tasting cum.


3) Dairy

Dairy has some health benefits yet doesn’t translate to a healthy semen flavor. To improve the taste of your semen, stay away from milk, cheese, yogurt and butter before sex if you don’t want your semen tasting or smelling bad. Take her out for ice cream afterwards.


4) Meat

It’s known that vegetarians and vegans have the best tasting semen. Meats such as red meat add an extra salty flavor to your cum and may make it taste bitter. So to improve the taste of your semen, if you’re going to eat meat, poultry is better than red meat. 



5) High-Sulfur Foods

High-sulfur foods like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower greatly intensify the taste of your semen and may make it taste very bitter.


6) Caffeine

Caffeine in LARGE quantities will make your semen have a bitter taste. So only use it in moderation.


7) Processed Food

Believe it or not, fast food (i.e. burgers, fries, pizza, tacos, etc.) all have a chemical that makes your semen taste bitter! Once again, eat a good diet of whole foods to make your, or his, sperm taste good. 


8) Asparagus, onions, garlic, etc.

You can often smell these vegetables in your pee after you eat them. So imagine what they’ll do with your semen’s taste.


So What Can You Do To Make Your Semen Taste Better?

Well you can do 2 things:

           a) You can read my previous article ‘How to Make Your Semen Taste Better’ 

           b) Try SemEnhance (The simplest most effective method – I RECOMMEND this to all of my clients)




Here’s how it works: SemEnhance flushes out the salty, bitter, unpleasant flavor that you probably have now (most guys are highly alkaline). After flushing out the bad flavor, it then goes on to enhance the natural sugars ALREADY in your semen and make their taste stand out. Bottom line, it improves the taste of your semen a LOT and makes it sweeter and more palatable!

SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of your semen. The formula combines the fruits, vitamins and nutrients that are proven to sweeten your semen all in one tablet:

  1. Pineapple – Enhances your semen’s natural sugar taste!
  2. Vitamin C – Helps protect sperm from oxidative stress!
  3. Bee Pollen – Helps semen’s biochemical properties!
  4. Kiwi – High in semen-flavoring natural sugars!

* Most guys improve the taste of their semen and taste better after about 3 weeks – something your lady will likely verify.

Use SemEnhance And Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!



So there you have it. A variety of reasons why your semen tastes bitter or smells fishy as well as some solutions to  improve the taste of your semen so that it tastes good and smells better.


So what are you waiting for…call your partner and schedule some fun time!



How To Make Your Semen Taste Better | Improve The Taste of Cum



So why might you want to know how how to make your semen taste better? Well what guy hasn’t fantasized about a girl giving him head when he’s about to orgasm and then voraciously devours his semen? You see it in porno movies all the time. And admittedly, it can be a powerful turn on. There’s just one problem, unlike the women in the movies, women in REAL life tend NOT to like the taste of cum! Damn it!

So let’s find out what your jizz is comprised of, then take a look at how to improve the taste of cum so it tastes better for your lady.


What’s Your Cum Made Of?

Amazingly, your semen is mostly made up of water with fructose, sodium, plasma, mucus (lubricant), a variety of vitamins and minerals. It can range from tasting like bleach to tasting sweet. As a result, much of your flavor is not something you can control. However, you can make adjustments through diet and lifestyle to make your semen taste better.

Things That Can Make Your Semen Taste Better

Amazingly, there are some supplements, foods and drinks that can make your semen taste much better. I’ll start from most effective to least effective…



1) SemEnhance 

SemEnhance is what I recommend to all of my clients. SemEnhance are pills that improve cum taste immensely! Here’s how it works: SemEnhance flushes out the salty, bitter, unpleasant flavor that you probably have now (most guys are highly alkaline). After flushing out the bad flavor, it then goes on to enhance the natural sugars ALREADY in your semen and make their taste stand out. Bottom line, it improves the taste of cum and makes your semen taste a LOT better!

SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of your semen. The formula combines the fruits, vitamins and nutrients that are proven to sweeten your semen all in one tablet:

  1. Pineapple – Enhances your semen’s natural sugar taste!
  2. Vitamin C – Helps protect sperm from oxidative stress!
  3. Bee Pollen – Helps semen’s biochemical properties!
  4. Kiwi – High in semen-flavoring natural sugars!

* Most guys start to make their semen taste better after about 3 weeks – something your lady will likely verify.


Use SemEnhance And Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!


2) Sweeteners

There are lots of naturally sugary foods (not cookies and processed snacks) that can actually sweeten the flavor of your semen. Items such as pineapples, pineapple juice, cinnamon, wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint have all been shown to sweeten the taste of cum and make your semen taste better.


3) Cranberries

This tart fruit does the opposite with your semen and helps to balance pH levels. So if you’re going to have a drink make it a cranberry juice and vodka.


4) Celery

Celery is high in Vitamin C and helps flush some of the salty semen flavor out improving the taste of cum. 



5) Fruits

Eating more fruits like kiwis, apples, plums, cherries and blueberries can also help sweeten up your cum and make it taste good. These are all high in semen-flavoring natural sugars! It turns out vegans and vegetarians have the best-tasting semen! Probably because of their high intake of fruits and vegetables. 


6) Fruit And Vegetable Smoothies

Any type of fruit smoothie using the fruits or vegetables mentioned above will do to make your semen taste better. Yet here’s a recipe for green juice you can drink each day (make it yourself or have a juice bar make it for you):

Pineapple juice

Lemon juice

Peppermint extract



NOTE – You can even add some cinnamon for extra spice.



One last tip, praise and compliment your lady every time she swallows your cum. Make it a BIG deal when she does it and express how happy you are when she does it. This gives her an emotional and psychological reward. And while it doesn’t effect the actual flavor of your semen, it does make the semen swallowing experience far more enjoyable and fulfilling for the both of you.


So there you have it. Healthy all natural ways on how to make your semen taste better, improve the taste of your  cum and ideally make your lady ENJOY swallowing it a lot more!



   Make Her WANT to Taste Your Cum!


SemEnhance is made with natural ingredients that help sweeten the taste of semen. They are pills that improve cum taste. If you’re tired of girls spitting out your sperm after you cum then you have to try SemEnhance.  The all natural formula is designed to enhance the natural sugars already in your semen, make your semen taste better and make the taste stand out so you taste great!

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How To Increase Your Semen Volume



If you’re like most guys you wouldn’t mind knowing how to increase your semen volume and boost the amount of your ejaculations. The reasons tend to range from getting your wife or girlfriend pregnant; bigger, more intense orgasms; increased fertility; visual appeal; for personal reasons or simply because you like the way it looks when you cum more and blast it onto your sex partner! Lol! Let’s be real about this! 


Regardless of what your motivation is, there are some PROVEN ways of how to cum more (some more effective than others) and increasing the amount of cum that you launch. 


First of all, let’s establish some average semen volumes so you know how you measure up to other men. The typical ejaculation volume varies from 1/3rd teaspoon (1.5 ml) to 1 teaspoon (5 ml). So that spoon in your kitchen drawer is the standard amount of cum most guys produce. 


Something else to know is that semen volume is affected by age. That said, not all men produce equal amounts, and as it turns out, there is a peak age for ejaculate volume. Men MAX out in their mid-thirties producing the highest volumes of semen. Yet before their thirties and after age 50 the volumes decrease.



How Can I Increase The Volume Of My Semen And Cum More?

Alright so here are some ways how to increase semen volume or the amount of ‘baby juice’, as some of the ladies call it, that you produce. I’ll start from most effective to least effective…




Here’s the science. Although semen is best known for transporting the sperm, an average male ejaculation contains numerous other proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition to vitamin C and zinc, semen is comprised of many common amino acids including arginine and lysine. It stands to reason that by increasing your intake of these components, you can effectively boost your ejaculations. 

There are also scientific studies that suggest certain herbal supplements may help increase ejaculate. 

Enter Semanax. This daily supplement is a 100% safe, propriety combination of amino acids plus potent herbal concentrates, all proven over decades to stimulate sexual activity and increase semen volume and sperm production in the testes. This is one of the reasons I recommend it to my clients.

Now You Can Shoot MASSIVE Loads with SEMANAX!

This is a proven ALL NATURAL way to increase your semen volume. If you’ve ever wanted longer lasting, more powerful orgasms that result in a tsunami of sperm blasting out, then this is what you want. 

What do you think Porn stars use to get their volume up and cum more! Give your sex partner a HUGE finish by launching a BIG load. They can’t help except to be impressed!

* Also results in increased fertility!

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2) Edging

This is a sexual technique increasing your semen volume where you come close to climaxing but don’t. So you systematically pull yourself back from the climax threshold (say 1 or 2 times). When you finally do allow yourself to cum, it results in a much BIGGER ejaculation. This one is simple and works!

You just have to have the presence of mind to keep yourself from orgasming. Which isn’t easy for most guys! Lol!




3) Don’t Ejaculate For 1 – 4 Days

Every time you ejaculate, whether it’s from masturbation or actual sexual intercourse, it drains your semen supply. So letting your body rest for at least 1 – 2 days and replenishing your supply will increase your sperm amount. One study found that for the first four days after ejaculation, semen volume increases by about 12% per day that ejaculation does not occur!



4) Stop Smoking

Smoking is linked to almost every bad thing that can happen in your body. Some theorize smoking can inhibit your prostate’s ability to produce secretions. Others believe it’s the potential nerve damage that affects ejaculation preventing you from cumming more.



5) Stay Hydrated

Considering semen is a liquid, staying hydrated can have a positive impact on your ejaculation size. 

Like all organic matter, our bodies are primarily made up of water. So inadequate water intake can affect your entire body, including your semen. So put down that beer or alcohol and grab a sports bottle of water before you get busy in the bedroom!

Realize that as dehydration occurs, your body begins to cleave to all the remaining water, sending it to where it’s most needed for survival. In addition to ridding the body of toxins and producing a healthier ejaculate, proper hydration will also increase the semen volume that you produce.




6) Try Kegel Exercises

While it won’t increase the actual volume of your semen, Kegel training can help you shoot it more robustly. These exercises can help you ejaculate your full volume of semen more effectively, though it only helps a man discharge his normal amount. If you’re looking to shoot your ejaculate further, Kegel exercises can be particularly helpful. 


Also, your standard lifestyle changes like eating a healthier diet, exercise, etc. also are proven to impact your sexual  potency and semen volume production. Well now you know what some of your options are. So if you’re serious give them a try and see how they work for you!








Now You Can Shoot MASSIVE Loads with SEMANAX

This daily supplement is a 100% safe, propriety combination of amino acids plus potent herbal concentrates, all proven over decades to stimulate sexual activity and to increase semen volume and sperm production in the testes. 

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What do you think Porn stars use to get their volume up and to cum more! Give your sex partner a HUGE finish by launching a BIG load. They can’t help except to be impressed!

* Also results in increased fertility!

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Men! How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally – Nuts | Natural Remedies



So if you’re wondering how to last longer in bed naturally with nuts and if nuts are in fact an effective natural remedy to increase your sexual libido, if nuts help you get firmer erections as well as last longer in bed? Well the answer is…YES! There have been many scientific studies done that support this all natural food remedy. Usually they go something like this – 2 groups of men are observed over time. 


1 group of guys has a diet with no nuts and the 2nd group has a diet where they added 2 handfuls of nuts each day. The findings virtually every time are the men eating 2 handfuls of nuts each day reported higher sexual libidos, more erections and lasting longer in the bedroom!



Why? How can this be? Understand that nuts contain arginine (which improves circulation and relaxes blood vessels), zinc and magnesium (two essential minerals shown to boost testosterone levels), as well as a variety of minerals and assorted amino acids that help you to maintain an erection. So if you want to last longer in bed naturally nuts and make sure you can last as long as your lady desires when the time comes, add some nuts to your diet!


NATURAL REMEDY PRO TIP! – RAW nuts are best. Yet roasted will work, they’re just 2nd best.


So then what KIND of nuts might you want to eat to give your ‘sexual functioning’ a BOOST? Well let’s take a look.

Almonds – contains the amino acid L-arginine, which is one of the building blocks of nitric oxide—a naturally occurring gas that helps guys maintain their erections.


Pistachios – contains arginine which helps you maintain an erection. These also are  high in magnesium, which boosts your energy and endurance.


Peanuts – contains arginine which helps you maintain an erection. These also are high in magnesium, which boosts your energy and endurance.


Walnuts – contains arginine which helps you maintain an erection. These also are high in magnesium, which boosts your energy and endurance. Perfect for helping you to to last longer in bed naturally.



Hazelnuts  – contains arginine which helps you maintain an erection. These also are high in magnesium, which boosts your energy and endurance.


Pumpkin Seeds – Are nutritional superstars! They’re high in both zinc and magnesium. These 2 essential minerals have been shown to boost testosterone levels, especially when they’re combined. Can be taken as seeds or in powdered form. A very potent natural remedy to last longer in bed.


Sunflower Seeds –  these help boost your zinc levels. Zinc is one of the most important minerals needed to improve sperm health and quantity and boost testosterone levels. They also contain healthy fats that are vital for sexual health. 


BONUS! The same research also showed that daily nut consumption increased “sperm count and vitality, total motility, progressive motility and morphology of sperm” compared to the ‘no nuts’ control group. That’s a different sort of outcome, but it does point to a point to a measurable change in male sexual function.


Plus nuts are a great addition to ANY of all natural drinks for lasting longer in bed blog post I wrote previously “Guys! How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally With Food – Drinks | Home Remedies” 


So now you know how to last longer in bed naturally with nuts. What are you waiting for? Add some nuts to your diet. They’re healthy, inexpensive, and an all natural remedy to last longer in bed! 




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A No pills or chemicals lasting solution. Guys, and their ladies, LOVE this one! 



15 Tips For Mind Blowing Blowjobs (Best Blow Job Tips You’ll See All Year!)


Giving your man the best blowjob can increase the connection that the two of you experience while providing him with some mind-blowing pleasure. Let’s take a look at how to give a blowjob that is sure to make your partner’s jaw drop!


1) Develop a steady rhythm with both your hand and mouth.

Your man might not enjoy his oral sex if there are too many different things going on down there at once. If you have a rhythm going with your mouth and decide to get your hand in on the action, make sure you’re moving them in the same direction at the same time.





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2) Let your tongue do the talking before your mouth finishes the conversation.

The anticipation of what’s about to happen can add to the overall pleasure that your partner experiences. 1 important psychological blowjob tip is to include some dirty talk before things escalate to the bedroom. Explain in great detail what you’re looking forward to doing to your man later on that evening. By the time you get there, he’ll be eagerly awaiting what you have to offer.


3) Let your spit flow freely & Or get some edible lube for extra ~moisture~.

There’s nothing worse than a dry, crusty blow job with no lubrication. You want your mouth to glide smoothly over your partner’s shaft. If you don’t have enough saliva to get the job done, there are lubrication products that can be used for oral sex.


4) Suction is key.

In order to give a good mind-blowing blow job, you need a decent degree of suction for optimal pleasure. Just moving your mouth up and down the penis doesn’t bring optimal blood flow to the penis or provide mind-blowing sensations. Don’t go too hard, but give that shaft a little suction. Slurp!!!




5) Keep your eyes on him.

Maximize that connection between the two of you by locking eyes. Watch them while you give the blowjob so they can see the joy that you’re getting out of the experience as well. Make sure to lick the tip as well when you do this. And smile and make it sloppy! You’ll find yourself getting turned on when you see their reaction leading up to orgasm.


6) Ring the back door!

If your man is open to the experience, play with his anus using your tongue or finger. Don’t forget to fondle the perineum (the area between his balls and his anus) as well. There are plenty of nerves in these areas that will bring your partner to a fast climax!


7) Listen to one another and let each other know your likes and dislikes.

Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to oral sex. You should both listen closely to one another so you know what each other is interested in. Learning some of the best blowjob tips for your guy is just as important as him learning good sex tips for you. Sometimes having these conversations can put you both in the mood for a little playtime, and you’ll know what you should and shouldn’t do so a mind-blowing orgasm is achieved.


8) Show the balls some love.

This is one of the best blowjob tips to remember! Those balls like some love during a blow job as well. You can fondle them with your hand while you’re sucking, or you can put them in your mouth. Be gentle with this area. Don’t use as much suction on the balls as you would the penis. You can also jerk him off while licking the spot just under his balls. Alternate between this and actually giving him a blow job.




9) Some positions make deep-throating easier.

Depending on the size of your partner’s penis, you may have some difficulty getting their full length into your mouth. If your head is tilted back slightly, this gives full access to your throat without initiating any kind of gag reflex. You could try laying on your back with your head hanging slightly back off the side of the bed. Your partner would enter your mouth from above you while he is standing. this is the easiest way to relax your gag reflex. This gives them some control.

Read my previous post“How To Get Rid of Your Gag Reflex For The BEST Blowjob tips”


10) Use your hands to caress other parts of your partner’s body.

Don’t just focus on providing sensations to the penis. Let your hands run over your man’s body so you stimulate all of his senses at once. They’ll be in ecstasy overload in no time (remember you want to blow his mind!), especially if you work the areas of the nipples or other erogenous zones.


11) Never forget to tip.

When your partner’s penis is inside of your mouth, the tip can often be neglected. Don’t forget to pay some attention to it. You can do this in a few different ways. Pull your mouth up off the penis for a second and play with the tip with your mouth and tongue (and not just for a second or two!). Then, out of nowhere, suck his entire penis in all at once. His mind will be blown! 

Take a look at the gif below:



12) Make some noise.

Moaning, humming, or making other sensual noises can cause vibrations in the mouth that take a blow job to the next level! Your guy also loves to hear that you’re enjoying the process as well.




13) Keep your teeth to yourself, unless they’re into that kind of thing.

Most men would prefer that their teeth stay out of the equation. Your goal is to move up and down the penis with your lips. Keep your teeth safely away from the penis so you don’t cause any pain during the blow job.


14) Give yourself some extra motivation.

You don’t have to leave yourself out! If you’re not aroused, you may not be able to provide your special guy with the mind-blowing blowjobs that he deserves. Don’t be afraid to reach down to your own genitals to motivate yourself to keep going. If he sees you do this, he’s likely going to be extra aroused!



15) Have a fizzy drink!

One of the best blowjob tips, and often overlooked, is if you happen to have a fizzy drink nearby, try taking a small sip and letting the carbonation work its magic inside of your mouth while you go down on your partner. This is surely something they haven’t experienced before! After taking a sip (ex. soda, champagne, etc.) press your tongue up against that sensitive spot right below the head of his penis, and let the bubbles tickle him for a moment before you swallow your drink with him still in your mouth.




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Don’t be afraid to try new things when you’re giving your next mind-blowing blow job. It’s all about trial and error to find out what your man actually likes. If you follow some of these ‘best of the best blowjob tips’ next time, you’ll take the oral sex experience, and his blow job, to new heights!



THIS Man Knows How To Eat Pussy Good! My 10 Best Oral Sex Tips



Being able to please your woman by knowing how to eat pussy good is something that not every man is capable of doing. It takes some experience and knowledge to know the proper way to eat pussy so she has an orgasm that blows her mind. Knowing what your woman craves can make it easy to please her, using different pussy eating techniques each time for some variety in the bedroom. Let’s talk about some sex tips on how to eat pussy that can keep your woman coming back for more again and again. 


Don’t Forget About Foreplay

You want your lady to be in the mood when you eat her pussy, otherwise, it’s just not going to be all that enjoyable for her. It can also take a long time to bring her to orgasm if you immediately just go down on her. Maybe YOU can get a hard-on and be ready for fucking in 6 seconds flat yet for her it could take 30 minutes or more! Women like an emotional aspect to sexual behavior. If she’s just finished working or she has other things on her mind, you should take a few moments to get her relaxed and in the mood.


My go-to is starting an argument with her for no reason and then when she’s somewhat pissed off, I suddenly change up and become intimate with her. This builds up sexual tension which you then direct into sex!  Remember you want to get her going emotionally first and then go to sex. So anything that you do that riles up her emotions – getting her angry, getting her laughing, and even getting her really sad… all work!





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Building Up The Anticipation

While your lady might know that you’re about to give her oral sex, building up the anticipation so she’s begging for it will make it feel that much better. Your goal is to make that orgasm as big and powerful as possible. When you’re thinking about how to eat her pussy, start slow, take breaks to target other erogenous zones and bring her to orgasm at the very end when she can’t take it anymore.


You can also build up the anticipation by using a variety of props. Blindfolding your woman with her consent will force her to focus on the sensations she feels in her body. This can also help her feel less self-conscious. After all, it takes a bit of confidence to have your partner in between your legs eating your pussy without worrying about what they think. You can also try handcuffs or a tie to secure your woman’s hands in place.




Learning the Techniques of How to Eat Pussy Good

There are a few different techniques that you can use with your mouth and tongue to pleasure your lady. They each provide a different sensation, so work a few different pussy eating techniques into each session. There may be certain techniques that she likes more than others, so don’t forget to ask what worked and what didn’t.



You can start out lightly by blowing on the vagina. This provides a very subtle sensation that acts almost like foreplay. Once you’ve teased her, you can start to use your mouth and tongue for more pleasure.



When you make contact with your tongue on her clitoris, start out light and slow. Move in a circular motion to really get her in the mood. Up and down also works well. You want to avoid keeping your tongue too pointy or ridged. This can be too harsh of a sensation on a sensitive vagina.



Don’t get into a make-out session with her pussy, but a few kisses here and there can make this experience more personal and intimate.



After you’ve been working her over for a few minutes, take her clitoris into your mouth and suck on it for a few seconds at a time. This brings even more blood flow to the area. Continue increasing the intensity at which you suck.


 – Motorboating and Humming Vibrations

Place your lips gently on her clitoris, blow out a bit and make a vibrating movement with your lips. This motion coupled with the vibrations will have her cumming in seconds! Less is more with this technique and move slowly.


Humming is like motorboating yet the difference is you just place your mouth against her vagina and hum softly. This sends pleasurable vibrations directly into her pussy. For best results, alternate between the 2 methods.


Compliment Her On Her Pussy

Here’s a great pussy eating psychological tip that MOST guys don’t even think about! Hey, your lady invested time trimming her bush or paid someone to rip all of her pussy hairs out…just for you. And you don’t even compliment her on it? You selfish, insensitive prick! Lol! 

Say things like “Wow…your pussy is so pretty!”, “I love it!”, “You’re pussy is so beautiful!”, “I could take a picture of your pussy upload it to Twitter and it would get like a million likes!”, “Of all the women I’ve ever been with, you have got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen” (this one makes them feel REALLY special as it makes them think their pussy is better than other women’s pussies).


Let Her Control Your Motions

To give your lady a bit of control when you’re eating her out, but one of your fingers into her mouth. She can show you how she wants to be licked. Copy every movement that she makes.




Use Your Fingers

When you add vaginal sensations to the oral sex, the orgasm becomes more intense and she will come faster. Place one or two fingers inside of her while you’re licking her clitoris. Simulate a ‘come here’ motion to trigger her g-spot and initiate a MAJOR orgasm!


If your lady is open to it, place a finger in her anus. This can be very pleasurable, and orgasms can be even more intense this way. You can work your way up to two fingers after a few minutes if she’s enjoying it. If you’re not comfortable using your finger, you can purchase a butt plug for this occasion.


Don’t Be Afraid to Rely on Toys

If you’re not confident with your abilities right away, don’t be afraid to keep a vibrator nearby. If things aren’t going as planned, use the toy to make her cum. This works well!



Use Different Positions

One of the best ways to eat pussy is using different positions. Using different positions during oral sex can make the orgasm more intense while bringing you both closer together. If she has some flexibility, pick up her legs and push them up back towards her body. This will give you full access to all her pleasure points. She can also hover above you while you’re lying on your back or have her sit on the edge of the bed while you kneel on the floor in front of her. If you have her on top, she can control her movements and your location.




Oral Choke

Talk about this beforehand so you can use them for a really kinky oral sex experience. Reach up with one hand while you’re licking her pussy and gently put your hand around her neck. The grip strength that you use will depend on her comfort level.




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Talk to your lady about what she likes so you know what to use and what to avoid when you go down on her just like you would tell her what you like or didn’t like if she was going down on you. Bust out some of these positions and techniques periodically to keep things fresh and exciting. You don’t always have to bring her to orgasm either. Oral sex can be used as foreplay and a powerful prelude to passion when you know how to eat pussy good!




Kinky Sex Ideas! (Actually 14 Freaky Kinky Sex Ideas To Spice Things Up!)


If sex with your partner has been feeling boring and routine the past few months, now is the perfect time to add some freaky kinky sex ideas to your sex life in order to spice things up. Some people immediately get intimidated by talking about kinky sex ideas, but there’s nothing to fear. These kinky sex tips allow you both to be as adventurous as you are both comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with starting out slow, and move on to more kinky ideas later on.


1) Blindfolds

They say that when you remove the use of one of your senses, all your other senses will become heightened. If you blindfold your partner or they blindfold you, all of the sensations on your body will become that much more intense. Plus, this allows you to surprise your partner a bit. They won’t know what your next move is when they can’t see where and how you’re moving. It allows their imagination to take over!



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2) Hold & Cold

Prolonging the sexual encounter is ideal for both partners. While a quickie is fun when you’re in a rush or just have to get your hands on your partner, taking extra time to slow the sex down and elongate the process can be pretty kinky.  When your partner is close to orgasming, slow things down. Here’s the kinky sex idea, take some time to pleasure yourself while they watch, and then start back up again when they’ve cooled down a bit. By the time you both orgasm, things are going to be intense!


3) Lead Them Somewhere New

It’s nice to talk about things with your partner ahead of time so you both know what sex ideas to try, but being in the heat of the moment and leading your partner somewhere new can also be a lot of fun. When you’re both already turned on, it’s even more enjoyable if you move into a new position or guide their hands to somewhere on your body that you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to use your own hands to pleasure yourself during sex. After all, both of you should walk away completely satisfied!



4) Restraints

Here’s a great kinky sex idea to spice things up! Restricting your partner’s movements allows you to take full control of sex. You can take things nice and slow so they’re begging for more. You can move how you want on top of them, controlling the depth of thrusts and the speed. However, they won’t be able to use their hands. Taking this away forces your partner to simply focus on what’s being done to them. YES!


5) Rough Him Up

There’s nothing wrong with taking things to a bit rougher of a level, but you want to make sure that both you and your partner are ready for it. If your partner isn’t open to you being more rough with them, then you shouldn’t proceed. If they’re on board, you can work this kinky sex idea into your sexual intercourse. Try some spanking (on their top, side or bottom of their butt cheeks), pulling hair, biting their hair & pulling it (very animalistic!) and forcefully grabbing your partner’s hips. That desire and need to be with the other person will come through, and this takes sex to a whole new level!


6) Wrestling

Another great kinky sex idea is to have a little fun and wrestle with each other a bit. Of course, make sure you’re both being safe and conscientious of the other person’s safety. As you playfully wrestle, clothing can come off and things can get more intense. Use more grabbing and squeezing motions not chokeholds and arm bars! Lol!


7) Degradation & Humiliation

Humiliating your partner or having them humiliate you may be something that you’re both very much into. Usually there’s one partner that prefers to dominate the other, so talk about who that would be. This can involve ordering your partner to do things or even preventing them from having an orgasm until you’re ready and talking down to your partner. Some couples even enjoy urinating and /or defecating on each other. It’s no one else’s business except your own what the 2 of you do to pleasure each other! The kinkier the the sex the better!


8) Pleasure From Pain aka Sadism & Masochism

A little bit of pain is something that many people find very kinky AND very pleasurable. If your partner is comfortable with it, you can try using some toys like nipple clips, whips, flails and handcuffs. Even biting (not to be confused with playful nibbling) is a very fun change of pace. Usually this is used on the meatier areas of the body (i.e. butt, inner thighs, sides of the neck, etc.).



9) Involve Other People (Swinging & More)

If you can find a way to safely do so with people you trust, you and your partner could consider involving other people in your sex life. Talk about kinky sex idea to spice things up! Wow! This could be adding someone else to make it a threesome, or you may want to swap partners entirely! Both of you need to consent to this, and understand what you’re getting into. Plenty of people can swap partners or add someone else into the relationship without developing feelings for that person, but things can go wrong if emotions start to get involved. Also, it’s important that you are all aware of your sexual health. Getting tested beforehand allows for some good clean fun.


10) Public Play

Some people like to get freaky in a public place where there’s a risk of being caught. You don’t necessarily have to sneak some sex in a public restroom or something similar, but think about ways that you can perform some foreplay while out on the town. Maybe a pair of vibrating panties is a fun way for your man to control your orgasms. Maybe there’s somewhere in your yard that you can have sex that’s private enough that you won’t get caught, but it will be exciting that you know people are nearby. Also, places like in a public park at nighttime, at the beach (day or night), going camping and doing it in a tent or out in the open in the woods, etc. are all great options. One of my favorites is having sex or heavy petting in the dressing rooms in women’s retail clothing stores!


11) Roleplaying

After you’ve been having sex with the same person for years, things can get a little boring. This doesn’t mean that you’re not in love with the person anymore, but your sex life could use something exciting to spice it up. Roleplaying allows you both to act as someone else. You can act out your wildest fantasies by having your partner dress and act like somebody that REALLY turns you on (i.e. a celebrity, singer, actor/actress, model, etc.). This is also a great way to let loose and feel more comfortable in the bedroom. If you play a role instead of being yourself, you’re more likely to talk dirty and have sex in positions that otherwise would have made you feel a little apprehensive in your normal state.


12. Leave The Windows Open

By leaving the blinds open or the window cracked, you can dial up your freak-o-meter a bit! You could be naked, almost naked, actually having sex – as far as you want to go. The chance that someone could see you—or maybe just hear you—makes things all the more exciting! This is a simple and easy kinky sex idea to spice things up!



13. Drip Hot Oil On Each Other With A Massage Candle

Massage candles are specially formulated to heat up and turn into a sensuous oil that you can rub all over your partner (just NOT inside your partner—it’s not meant to be used as lube). After the candle turns to liquid oil, blow it out and it will stay liquefied for 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to gently drip it onto your partner and give them a spicy rubdown.



14. Try Orgasm Denial

Have you ever skipped lunch because you know you’re going out for a huge dinner? Sure, you feel pangs of hunger throughout the day, and you know could easily resolve that discomfort by having a quick bite but you chose not to because, at the end of the day, a big meal is more rewarding than a decent snack? That’s essentially what orgasm denial is. 

The way this kinky sex idea works is to bring your partner to the brink of orgasm but cease stimulation before they hit climax. This concept of prolonged arousal is thought to lead to more intense orgasms. Plus, there is a BDSM element to consider. Taking control of someone else’s orgasm isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. You or your partner begging permission to come can also be extremely hot!



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When you’re getting freaky and kinky to spice up your sex / love life, you should be careful. Communication is very important in order for both you and your partner to feel safe trying new things. If anyone starts to feel uncomfortable at any point, the other partner has the responsibility of being able to pull back and respect their partner’s wishes. If you’re both comfortable with trying new things, this can be a really fun and exciting time to try NEW kinky sex ideas to spice things up!



How To Get Rid Of Your GAG REFLEX For The BEST Blowjob Ever!


When you’re trying to give your partner the most amazing best blowjob ever that he’s ever had, you’re probably trying to take as much of his penis into your mouth as possible yet since you didn’t get rid of your gag reflex you won’t be able to fit it all inside. How much you can fit will really depend on the size of your man. Unfortunately, you can only fit so much into our mouth before you trigger your gag reflex. The last thing you want to do is make yourself sick during the process of giving the best blowjob ever, but there are some great blowjob techniques that you can use to get rid of your gag reflex.


Oral and Tongue Sex Positions

If you envision your mouth open, your throat curves at the very back of that space. You want to try and match the angle of his penis to avoid your gag reflex. So tilt your head back so that it’s a straight line through your mouth directly into your throat. One of the best positions that you can come to at your partner’s penis is from above it. You want to avoid kneeling in front of your special guy or having him come at you from above. The angles just don’t match up in those positions.


There’s a difference between a blowjob and the BEST Blowjob EVER! This next blowjob technique is the latter. You lay on your back and have him straddle your face (facing your feet). You tilt your head back (like mentioned above) and he inserts his penis slowly and smoothly into your mouth and throat. This is a VERY effective technique to get rid of your gag reflex.



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Focus on Your Breath

No, you’re not meditating while you give your guy oral sex but breathing in deep and slowly exhaling will allow you to relax and open your throat more. When you’re very tense, your gag reflex is more likely to be triggered. Try to match your breath to the in and out of your man’s shaft. When you are guiding him further into your mouth and throat, this should be your exhale. Your inhale should be when you are pulling back off. Avoid breathing through your mouth. There’s already enough going on in there, and air coming in and out of your mouth could make your gag reflex even worse.


Refocus Your Attention

If you’re sitting there giving your man oral from a great blow job position, worrying about triggering your gag reflex over and over again, you’re more likely to feel nauseous. One of the best blowjob techniques is to relax your mind, focus on the task at hand, and try to breathe through those deep thrusts.


Use Salt

Before you get started, place a little bit of salt on the very tip of your tongue. This will help to activate the taste buds that are on the very front of your tongue. This helps to take some of the sensitivity away from your gag reflex. You can also mix the salt with a bit of water to swish around your mouth. This is another all-natural blowjob technique to get rid of your gag reflex.


Take Your Time

It’s really important that you don’t expect to just take your guy into your mouth and immediately deep throat them for the best blowjob ever. It takes a little time to relax your throat and guide in as far as you can. Go a little deeper each time, going slow until you get as deep as possible. If you do trigger your gag reflex, don’t feel like it’s a lost cause. Slow everything down for a minute or two until you recover. You can try again if you feel comfortable.



Avoid A Dry Mouth

The more lubricated your mouth is, the easier it will be to have your man’s penis comfortably slide in and out. If you feel like your mouth is drying out, have some water nearby that you can take a sip of. There are even oral sex lubricants that you can use to make everything more slippery when giving the best blowjob ever.


Retain Control

If you allow your man to control the thrusting in and out of your mouth, it’s more than likely that your gag reflex is going to be triggered at least once. Your partner can’t see how deep they are or what angle they’re at. If you are in control, you can properly guide their penis at the angle and position that is most comfortable for you.


Using Acupressure to Get Rid Of Your Gag Reflex

Acupressure involves targeting certain pressure points on your body to alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, etc. There is actually a spot on the palm of your hand that is associated with your gag reflex. The good news is, you can apply pressure to this area without your man even knowing. Fold your left thumb into the palm of your left hand. Then squeeze your thumb with the other fingers of your left hand and form a fist. You don’t want to squeeze too hard, but enough pressure may help you diminish that pesky gag reflex. 


Throat Numbing Sprays

There are some over-the-counter products that are designed to numb your throat when you’re not feeling well, and they can be effective when you’re healthy as well. You can spray a little bit in the back of your throat before starting the blow job. Give it a few minutes to take effect before you go down on your partner. You may want to drink a little bit of water before beginning. This will wash down any residual product that’s in your throat. You don’t want to numb your partner’s penis while you’re giving them oral sex!




Add A Dash Of Citrus

Many women love to take shots of lemon juice beforehand (this is another 1 of the best blow job techniques – it’s all-natural). Citrus makes you drool a lot more and makes it easier to take your man’s penis ALL the way in. Also, according to a small 2015 study, both lemon juice and even yogurt have been shown to keep you salivating and your mouth primed for action!




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Don’t forget, that there are certain parts of the penis that are quite sensitive. If you just can’t get rid of your gag reflex, you may be able to focus more on those sensitive areas, like the tip of the penis. You can also use your hand. Stroking the base of the penis where your mouth can’t reach allows you to provide full stimulation to your partner.



As the person receiving the best blowjob ever, one of the best blowjob tips for men to follow is to respect your lady during this process. Regardless of what you might have seen on the internet, you don’t want to find pleasure in gagging your partner! Make sure she’s comfortable with what you’re doing and communicate with her to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for both of you so she can focus on giving you the ‘best blowjob ever’ each and every time!