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How To Be Good In Bed As A Woman | 5 Tips On What Makes A Woman Good In Bed

How To Be Good In Bed As A Woman | 5 Tips On What Makes A Woman Good In Bed

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If you’re wondering how to be good in bed as a woman and what makes a woman bed, you’re already on the right path to a more fulfilling sexual relationship. Sexual intimacy is a great thing and is one way for couples to connect on a new level that only they can understand.

As a woman, there are different ways and techniques you can use to achieve this and make you a goddess in bed. Your performance in bed can either bring the difference between boring sex and one that is explosive and exciting to your man.

Sex doesn’t just involve a woman just lying there and doing nothing. As a woman, you need to be fully present and want to make a lasting impression on your special guy.

Before meeting up with your man.

This tutorial is not only about giving you tips on how to be better during sex. I take this opportunity to prepare you on ways to make a lasting impression. It is something that has to be done way before the sexual encounter. For example by setting the mood subtly making it known that you are interested in your man.

Below are some of the ways to achieve this even if this is your first time:


How To Be Good In Bed As A Woman Tip – 1. Tease Him



One of the best ways to get him in the mood is to build sexual tension with him. You can do this by smacking him on his butt, then laughing and running away. He then chases you while you run through your house laughing and shouting.

This is powerful because it brings out primal urges in both of you. This builds maximum sexual tension and heightens the ensuing sex!

Other things you can do include – starting silly arguments with him and as he starts to get upset pull him in close and kiss him. Or as he gets upset pull him in close, grab his balls and bite him on his neck.

He’ll pick up on what you’re doing and play along. Get ready for a wild ride!


How To Be Good In Bed As A Woman Tip – 2. Never Underestimate The Power Of a GOOD Handjob


The vast majority of men PREFER handjobs to a blow job. OR ideally a combination of the two. More men are able to reach climax from a handjob (since this is how they masturbate) than from a blowjob.


You can also read my previous article 15 How To Give A Hand Job Tips For EXPLOSIVE Orgasms!


The woman that has the ability to give a masterful handjob wields a might superpower indeed! You can do your ‘homework by simply asking him to masturbate for you while you encourage him and take notes. At times, lean in, kiss, and suck on his penis while he masturbates.

When he finally cums, play with his semen with your fingers like it’s the most amazing thing ever. For added effect, make a grand show of putting some of his semen on your plans and rubbing it on your chest. This is how you hook amazing with your sex game even if it’s your first time!



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What Makes A Woman Good In Bed Tip- 3. Be TOTALLY In The Moment


It’s easy to let your mind wander about a laundry list of OTHER things you need to do later today, tomorrow, etc. yet all this accomplishes is to take your mind, and as a consequence thereof, your body out of the moment with your special guy. You don’t think that he can tell yet he can.

He’ll just misread it as you’re not enjoying yourself with him and can take it personally. What’s worse is he may not even say anything to you about his feelings and instead start to feel somewhat inadequate as if he can’t please you.

So instead put everything out of your mind (like you’re doing meditation) and focus your mind and body purely on this wonderful moment with your lover. You’ll notice that the experience is far more intense and fulfilling for the two of you.



What Makes A Woman Good In Bed Tip- 4. Dirty Talk Him!



You’ve heard that the mind is the most powerful ‘sexual organ’ and this is true. To get the sex started in his brain. The problem is that MOST WOMEN ARE TERRIBLE AT DIRTY TALK! There I said it. And you NEEDED to hear it. LOL!

Women tend to speak in the way that THEY want to be talked to when having sex and not in the way that their guy wants them to talk to him. So here are some things you can do.

Here’s how:

Simply think of telling your man a story which is a fantasy of yours. Be vivid in detail-  you’re the helpless woman and he’s the big strong man coming to rescue you or ravage you. Or it could be how you were an innocent young lady and he came in and ruined you for all other men. It could be a story about how you had multiple suitors yet he beat out those other men and won your heart.

Touch and kiss him while you share your story and you’ll see him respond very powerfully.

Also, use vulgar language like – I fucking love you!; fuck me harder; I want to see your cum explode out of your dick; All I want to do is serve you…what do you command me to do? (when he responds) Yes, master (then do what he asked of you); Push it in slowly…I want to feel EVERY wonderful inch daddy; etc…

These are just a few suggestions, yet you get the idea.



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What Makes A Woman Good In Bed Tip for the First Time Tip- 5. Stroke His Ego


We men love to feel powerful sexually especially when we’re having an orgasm. It’s a point of pride with many guys. So focus on simply enjoying yourself sexually and actually having your orgasm. When you have your orgasm he will feel a great sense of accomplishment and will make him feel really good as a man. Be vocal along the way and say things like “That’s it, baby! Oh yeah! Right there!”; “Oh god yes!”; “I’m about to cum!”; “Oh daddy your cock feels so good I’m about to cum!”;

Even screaming and shouting while you’re having sex will let him know that you’re really turned on and make the sexual experience absolutely great and memorable for both him and you.

These are just a few tips on how to be good in bed as a woman (even for the first time) and what makes a woman bed. Think of these as mere starting points. Try using a few of these the next time you’re with your special guy and see how they work for you.





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