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How To Make A Guy Cum | Make Him Cum Hard And FAST!

How To Make A Guy Cum | Make Him Cum Hard And FAST!

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Ladies!!! Knowing how to make a guy cum hard and fast can give you POWER in the bedroom! It can also take your sex life to the next level. When it comes to sex, a man and woman experience things very differently. This is because of the differences in the genital regions of a man versus a woman, but there are other factors that play a role as well. For example, a woman often needs some time to get into the mood. A man is often ready to jump right into action. What you might like during sex isn’t necessarily the thing that blows your man’s mind. If you’re ready to please your man, let’s take a look at some of the top ways that you can get him excited and give him the orgasm of a lifetime.


1) Make It Pop

It’s more than likely that your man loves to see you from behind. Make that booty pop and turn around during sex so your man can enter you and take control of the pace from where they’re located. They’ll love grabbing onto your hips and thrusting deep inside until they cum. This is a great position to start out with before turning around for the rest of the sex. You can also use it at the end of sex for an explosive orgasm.



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2) Press the Million-Dollar Point

The million-dollar point is actually a method of how to make a guy cum without him actually ejaculating. This is a spot that is located just between the anus and the scrotum, at the point of the perineum. Putting pressure on this area can suppress ejaculation during orgasm. Men often consider this to be orgasm control, which makes them feel like they are powerful in the bedroom. This is also a very sensitive area of the body that can bring about some additional pleasure during male orgasm.


3) Get a Little Sloppy

A man loves when his woman is wet inside as this makes his penis glide in and out more freely. It creates an amazing sensation that quickly leads him to orgasm. Don’t be afraid to get a little sloppy. Use plenty of foreplay to get in the mood so you’re nice and wet. You can also use a personal lubrication product to increase the amount of moisture down there.

Also, you can take this to mean that you let your inhibitions go. Some women feel very reserved in the bedroom, preventing them from really letting loose. Don’t be afraid to get sloppy, moving into different positions, exposing yourself fully to your lady and making all of their wildest dreams come true.


4) Go for the Tri-Gasm

Most men have some sort of refractory period that they must wait in between orgasms, but most men are able to experience multiple orgasms in one night. Instead of just getting your guy to orgasm quickly and then moving on with your evening, continue the process. Take a small break where your man can cool down. Maybe this is the point in time where they will please you. After that’s over, go for a second orgasm. If he still has it in him, shoot for the tri-gasm. It may take a little bit of extra time each session, but you can sometimes speed things along by using a different method each time. For example, oral sex can provide one of the orgasms, while penetration is another.



5) Tell Him What to Do

Some men need guidance when it comes to sexual intercourse, whereas some men simply like to be told what to do. Taking control in the bedroom and telling your lady how you want them to touch you can turn you both on. Tell your man where to put his hands, tell him how fast and hard you want him to go and talk dirty to him.


6) Find the Frenulum

The frenulum is located just on the underside of the head of the penis. It’s a band in the shape of a V that allows the foreskin to contract over the head of the penis. The great thing about this spot on the penis in regard to sex is that it’s extremely sensitive to touch. You can stimulate more blood flow to your lady’s penis by working this area with your tongue prior to sex or pausing during sex to stimulate it. You can also ask your lady how he would like to be touched on the frenulum. Most men have specific preferences regarding pressure and how they’re stimulated.


7) Give Him a Boob Job

Blow jobs are a great method for how to make a guy orgasm, but you can use your boobs in a similar way. You don’t need to be very well endowed in the chest region to make this happen. You simply have to be able to squeeze your breasts together so your man can slide his penis in between your breasts. Hold your breasts in place so the area stays nice and tight. Move your body up and down to simulate the stroking of the penis like you would with a hand job or a blow job. You can work a little bit of lubrication into this play if it makes things more enjoyable.


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8) Whose Ass Play?

Ass play can be done a couple of different ways. You can allow your man to place a finger (or two) into your butt in order to turn themselves on. If you’re open to it, they can perform a few thrusts by way of anal sex. You also have the option of inserting a finger into your guy’s ass as well. This allows stimulation of the P-spot, which can take an orgasm to a mind-blowing level. Just make sure you communicate with your man to make sure that they’re open to this kind of stimulation. Not every man is comfortable with it.

Now that you’ve got some new found sex skills, get out there and make your man cum in some of these new and exotic ways!




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