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Ladies! How To Talk Dirty In Bed | What To Say To Him To Get Him Turned On

Ladies! How To Talk Dirty In Bed | What To Say To Him To Get Him Turned On

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So you want to learn How to talk dirty in bed and what to say to him? Well, men are said to be visual creatures and indeed they are. However, there is nothing as HOT as talking dirty to them. Dirty talk is usually a game-changer in a relationship and can be very effective when done right. Yet a lot of women freeze like a deer in headlights when their special guy asks them to talk dirty to them.



Can you imagine him being at work and then receiving one of your arousing text or email messages? Or he’s having a bad day then he receives a sexy pic from you accompanied by a dirty message reminding him of all the things you could do to him?



Most women absolutely suck at dirty talk and accomplish little more than actually TURNING US OFF! As a man, I can tell you that it is a MAJOR LET DOWN when you realize that your woman hasn’t even bothered to learn what turns you on psychologically.

In this easy-to-learn course, is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to wake up the sexual animal in your man and fix his hunger right on where it belongs…YOU! This is the most complete Man–Owner’s Manual for turning on your special guy’s most important erogenous zone…His mind & His imagination!



Learn the PROVEN secrets on how to turn your man into your willing love slave!




Yeah, that would be a BIG mood changer! One of the most effective ways to make him feel more aroused, wanted, and desired is to engage in dirty talk. It can enhance the pleasure of sex and add some serious spice to your relationship. Yet thinking up what to say to him to turn him on isn’t always easy,


So, I’m going to share some things with you to give you some idea of the various ways you can talk dirty in ed and what to say to him. The ‘dirty talk tips’ below are divided into three categories for you to use at different times:


1) Before you meet up with your man


2) When things are heating up


3) During sex


Here Are Some Of The Best Ways How To Talk Dirty In Bed



Find the ones you feel comfortable saying to your man as you move through the list.



Talking dirty in bed shouldn’t have to belong inside the confines of the bedroom walls. You can remove redundancy and predictability by making it random and surprising him when he least expects it. This will spice up and improve your intimacy. With dirty talk, you can get to slowly know his kinks, what he is okay with or not, and finally what REALLY gets him going.


Below are some of the ways of what to say to him and talking dirty in bed to get his engines revving!


1. When You’re Not With Each Other

You don’t have to wait until you’re in bed to talk dirty to him. Make it random and initiate it even when he is at work. Remind him of you and the way you feel and are also thinking of him. Make it subtle at first then gradually move towards the naughty! If you want to be on his mind all day, use some of these messages to get the foreplay started.


  • Why don’t you drop by? I guarantee you won’t be sorry.


  • You can probably guess what I’m not wearing right now.


  • I’ve been terrible. I think I need a spanking.


  • What would you do to me if I were with you right now?


  • I’m in desperate need of some of your cock right now.


  • I’ve been planning what I’m going to do to you tonight for a long time…


  • In between my legs, I’m missing you.






As I’ve said earlier, men are visual creatures. If you want to get the conversation going, throw in a few sexy pictures of his favorite places on your body to remind him of what you own and what you’re working with! Make sure you accompany them with a few naughty lines that’ll get him twitching in his seat. Find his weak spot and utilize it to your advantage. You can even dress in a costume you know he likes and send him a picture of it with a few naughty messages.


  • Your hands-on boobs, squeezing and massaging them feel heavenly.


  • Imagine what is below this red panty…


  • Imagine my ass bouncing up and down on you as I ride your massive dick. 



2. Building Sexual Tension

When the time comes to talk dirty in bed, it’s all about creating sexual tension. You want your man to come back home with the desire to literally devour you! Try a few of these lines to get him to drop to his knees begging for it.


  • I get wet just looking at you!


  • Your cock is utterly delicious.


  • I really want you in my mouth right now.


  • I want you to start tearing my clothes off of me.


  • What is your favorite position? Me on top of your fat dick?


  • Can I touch it…please?


  • If you keep looking at me like that, I’m not responsible for what happens next.


  • You are so fucking sexy….


  • Tell me where you want to put your hands on me.


  • [Talk like you’re having an affair. One of the sexiest things to say to him is to get him fantasizing about “forbidden” sex acts.]“if I was having an affair with a sexy man like you, I’d get wet just watching you play with your cock”.


Don’t try to look sweet and innocent. Appear confident and sexy with your body movements and words.

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3. During Sex

Have fun yet? You’ve perfectly built up the sexual tension, and now it’s time to release it!. Try some of these lines if you want to keep the dirty talk going because you should.


  • I have a taste for you on my lips.


  • I want you to smear yourself all over my face.


  • I want you to scream at me. Call me a bitch!


  • Your cock feels like it was made for my pussy.


  • I like how you fill me all the way up.


  • Baby, you get me so horny! No one has ever gotten me as horny as you.


  • Fuck me as you own me.


  • I’ve been waiting for this all day.


  • I enjoy it when you bend me over and take me from behind.




Serious about pleasing your special guy? Then check out this video and learn how to dirty-talk him into a state of ecstasy!


Learn the PROVEN secrets on how to turn your man into your willing love slave!




Make Some Noises When You Talk Dirty In Bed


Dirty talk is more than just words – it also sounds.


To put it another way, you should moan and groan for him. Let him know you’re longing for him, that you’re giddy with pleasure, and that you’re on the verge of orgasming. Make him feel as if just talking to him is turning you on. Call him dirty, naughty, and sexually arousing names during sex and role play and you will get him there every time.


Don’t overdo it! You don’t want it to sound phony or forced, as this will turn him off.


So when you’re determining the best way how to talk dirty in bed, the above examples are proven performers as to what to say to him. In most cases, it breathes new life into a boring relationship and brings more connection and intimacy with each other. It opens a window for couples to explore more and introduce their fantasies to each other, making it more interesting and fun.


Know your man, the things he likes and dislikes making it easier for you to get him in the mood. Now go talk dirty to him and have fun!



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