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How To Make A Woman Cum | Make Her Cum Really HARD!

How To Make A Woman Cum | Make Her Cum Really HARD!

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Making sure that your lady is just as satisfied as you are after a sexual encounter in the bedroom is extremely important. Not only does this show that you care about the pleasure that your woman experiences, but this entire process can bring you both closer together. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unsure of themselves in the bedroom, which can result in it being difficult to make her cum. There are many different ways to bring a woman to orgasm, so let’s get started!


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The Various Types of Orgasms


Clitoral Orgasm

The most common type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris has more than 15,000 nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part on a woman’s body. A large percentage of woman feel that they need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. If your lady is one of these women, you’ll need to find a way to make her cum using this method.



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Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal orgasms can be achieved using penetration. The key thing to understand is there aren’t a lot of nerve endings inside of the vagina, which is why it’s so difficult to foremost women to achieve orgasm this way. Women who are able to cum using this method have clitoral nerve endings that can be reached through the front of the vagina.


G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is located approximately three inches inside the vaginal opening, on the top wall area. When a woman is turned on, this area will fill up with blood. This makes it more sensitive and easier to pleasure her. Some women are able to orgasm using G-spot stimulation from sex, but other women don’t find their G-spot to be as pronounced.


Techniques for Triggering Each Type


Clitoral Orgasm

While you’re in the middle of sex, use your fingers to stimulate your lady’s clitoris. You can work it in a gentle, circular motion, or try rubbing it gently up and down. If you want to make life easier, use a small vibrator to do the work for you.



Penetration Orgasm

Penetrate your lady from behind while you’re both laying down. Essentially, you’re spooning. Have her lift up her top leg and lock it behind one or both of your legs. This provides you with the space to get nice and deep. A lot of women get tremendous pleasure from cervical stimulation, but you have to have the length to get up there.


G-Spot Orgasm

Some degree of foreplay is needed in order to prepare for a G-spot orgasm. This is a type of orgasm that you will likely have to provide your woman with before or after sex, as the shape of the penis doesn’t really stimulate the G-spot enough. Insert one or two fingers into your lady’s vagina. You should feel a soft, spongy spot just inside the opening. Apply a little bit of pressure to this area as you rub it, increasing the amount of pressure until your lady cums.


Get to Know Her Body

After you’ve been intimate with your lady a number of times, you should start to learn more about her body and what she likes. There may be very sensitive spots on her body that she loves having touched, like the area of her neck just underneath her ears, or the inside of her thighs. Play around with different sensations until you’re truly an expert on your lady’s body and what will make her squeal with delight.


Get to Know the Clitoris

The clitoris is a truly magnificent part of the female body. With so many nerve endings in that area, you’d be silly not to take advantage of it to bring your woman to orgasm. Come up with different ways to get to know this area. This can include stimulation with your fingers, oral sex and with the use of different toys.



Tell Her Not to Fake It

Your lady may be tempted to simply fake her orgasm as a way to boost your confidence in sex. Have an honest conversation with your lady, letting her know that you would prefer this was something she didn’t do. Instead, communicate with one another so you can learn how to make a woman cum using a variety of techniques.


How to Make Her Cum with Sex Toys

It’s actually quite difficult for most women to organism from penetration alone. Most of the pleasurable sensations that bring a woman to orgasm are located in the area of her clitoris. Most sexual positions don’t provide enough stimulation of this area with just the penis alone.

You can increase your chances of making your lady orgasm by turning to sex toys for help. You can incorporate a handheld toy that you use on her clitoris during sex, or you can take a break in the middle of sex to bring your lady to orgasm or near orgasm. Sometimes just getting some additional blood flowing to the area can increase the chance of an orgasm during sex. There are also toys that are worn on a man’s penis that will provide clitoral stimulation during sex. Look into a vibrating cock ring if this is the route you and your lady want to go. This toy essentially transforms your cock into a vibrator! It’s worth experimenting.


Be Patient

It’s really important that both you and your lady are patient with each other in the bedroom. Even if you have plenty of sexual experience, your current lady may enjoy sex differently than your previous lady. ALL WOMEN ARE NOT THE SAME! You’ll need to take some time to learn your woman’s body, so you know what makes her squirm with pleasure.


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You should also communicate to her that you would appreciate her patience with the process as well. You’re not likely to stop in the middle of sex to talk about what could be done differently to bring her to orgasm, but you can check in with each other afterwards to determine what can change for the next time.

It’s about learning each others’ bodies and growing together …even sexually.



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