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Is Being Versed in PUA Training Tactics Enough To KEEP A Hot Girl Long Term?

Is Being Versed in PUA Training Tactics Enough To KEEP A Hot Girl Long Term?

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There are SOOOOO many PUA Training coaches out there giving pick-up artist advice on their PUA training blogs or in person. Some are legit and MANY are not. They are always quick to use terms like ‘Alpha’, ‘Red Pill’, ‘Blue Pill’, ‘AFC’, and more. All the while educating inexperienced men on how to pick up girls and ideally meet the woman of their dreams.


So Does PUA Training And Tactics Work?

YES! Yet you have to be careful who you’re learning from and get actual experience on your own. You also want to ask any PUA Training coach questions to prove their legitimacy as many may have only picked up a few girls of average looks at best.




Alright so let’s say you’ve become familiar with the art of the pickup, you feel pretty confident in yourself and your ability to ‘number close’ girls. Heck, you even are cool with escalating into sex with them as well.


First of all…CONGRATS! That’s a big accomplishment! You put in the work and you deserve all of the benefits. Second of all…NOW, WHAT?!?


Here’s what I mean. Now you’ve got this SUPER HOT CHICK on your arm who thinks you’re an Alpha Male badass lol! You REALLY want to keep her as your girlfriend. You’ve built yourself up in her mind and even had sex with her maybe once or a few times. Yet you observe the situation changing slightly. Well, wait…what’s happening?


You realize you don’t have a firm hold on her. Maybe some other more experienced PUA, or a regular more successful guy, could even steal her from you if you mess up! This is what a LOT of PUAs find happening to them when they meet a girl that they really want to keep. And yes, PUAs lose girls to other PUAs on a somewhat regular basis. Let’s face it, some PUAs just have a BETTER game than other PUAs. Plus, HOT girls are ALWAYS in demand. Single or in a committed relationship. Remember that!


It’s easy to simply say ‘replace her with another girl when you have no real emotional attachment to her. Yet when you meet one that you can see being a possible wife and the mother of your children, things change!




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So Why Does The Relationship Change?

It has to do with evolutionary biology. Female humans have learned over the millennia to issue a series of tests to determine if the man they’re talking to will be a good husband, protector of her and the children as well as a good father. This is why when you express interest in a woman she starts testing you.  Any PUA Training Coach worth their salt will tell you this. She literally can’t help it! It’s part of her biology and psychology. Even a woman brought up in a remote village, in the middle of the jungle, with no internet will do the same thing!


The good news is usually you have passed MANY of these tests (i.e. compliance tests, strength tests, etc.) before you have sex with her the 1st time. This is why she felt comfortable having sex with you in the first place (unless she was drunk out of her mind or REALLY high).


ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS – Women are led by their hormones and emotions more than anything else. PERIOD.


Yet now that you’ve had sex, her hormones and brain tell her to issue NEW tests to you. These are the classic boyfriend tests (i.e. trying to get you to commit to her ASAP, playfully trying to manipulate and control you, play fighting with you, using sex as a manipulation tool, etc.). They help determine how mentally strong you are, how dependable you’ll be as a mate, what married life will be like with you, and more.


So if you’re still trying to blindly use single man PUA training tactics with these tests, you’ll end up exactly that…a single man. And your dream girl, the next ‘Misses (insert your last name here)’ will be on some other guy’s arm walking off into the sunset together.


Now I’m not going to go into a deep explanation of what to do in this PUA training blog post yet I will cover one of the most important. Here it isone of the MOST EFFECTIVE things you can do to keep the girl you want from looking at other guys is to FUCK HER SO WELL SHE CAN’T THINK OF BEING WITH ANYONE ELSE!


Re-Read the previous sentence 3 times out loud.


PUA…if you are fucking her as no man has ever fucked her before, she will be the one concerned about losing you and not the other way around! Understand most guys (and yes even most of the PUAs giving training and coaching advice) last only 3 – 10 minutes in the bedroom before they orgasm. While women take LONGER to orgasm. This means she is NOT orgasming. Which means she is NOT being satisfied sexually. This is what she talks about with her girlfriends, cousins, sisters, sorors, etc. That you’re not able to make her cum.


How long would you stay with a girl, even if you REALLY liked her, if you were never able to cum when you had sex with her?


EXACTLY! Well, she’s no different than you. This is one of the fatal chinks in your PUA armor that you must address if you want to keep her for the long term. If you do, you literally can make ANY WOMAN yours forever.


I’ll share more PUA Training tips on how to do this in future PUA training blog posts. In the meantime, check out one of my training courses (below) that shows you how to do EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about.



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