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Guys! How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally With Food – Drinks | Home Remedies

Guys! How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally With Food – Drinks | Home Remedies

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If you’d like to know how to last longer in bed naturally with food, it’s well known that a healthy diet (emphasis on healthy) and consistent exercise improve your sexual stamina and performance. Yet did you know there are homemade home remedy drinks made from everyday food, that you can take that will help you perform better in bed? What have you never heard about that? Well, let’s take a closer look.


Since most guys only last anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes in bed (which helps to account for hetero women barely ever orgasming) you can understand why being able to last longer in bed will make you stand out head and shoulders above other men.



So here are a few all-natural drinks (home remedies) that will increase your stamina and staying power and help you to last longer in bed naturally…


Last Longer in Bed Fruits Juice Tip 1 – Watermelon 

Watermelons are rich in certain amino acids and nutrients that help improve blood circulation to your dick. Increased blood flow and supply will help you to have a stronger erection and help you last longer in bed naturally. Toss in some seeds and nuts (see my previous blog post – Men! How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally With Nuts) into the drink as well and observe your time extend.


Last Longer in Bed Fruits Juice Tip 2 – Pomegranate 

Besides pomegranates having well known cancer-prevention properties and being high in vitamin C and polyphenols, they also have healing home remedies for men suffering with erectile dysfunction, increase facial hair growth, strengthens your bones and muscles and finally enhances your sex drive.


Last Longer in Bed Fruits Juice Tip 3 – Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Smoothie

In the treatment of libido problems, strawberries and chocolate have proven to be an excellent combination. Since berries are known to promote sexual health, increase your blood circulation as well help increase sperm count in men, they should always be one of your ‘go to’ natural home remedy drinks.

Prepare a smoothie with strawberries and some dark chocolate. You can also toss in some seeds or nuts. This tasty drink is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants and helps to boost your sexual libido. Try it today!


Last Longer in Bed Fruits Juice Tip 4 – Banana Milkshake

This one’s a double whammy! Milk contains essential fats and nutrients that give you instant vitality. Have you ever heard of the old belief that you should drink milk on your wedding night? The reason for it was your body needs natural fat to produce sex hormones. Milk has essential fats that provide instant vitality.

Bananas on the other hand, are a fruit that is rich in vitamin B complex, magnesium and potassium that enhances your sexual libido.

Simply prepare a delicious, creamy banana milkshake (or smoothie) and once again toss in some seeds or nuts and you have a powerful home remedy for lasting longer in bed!




Last Longer in Bed Fruits Juice Tip 5 – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a high phosphoric content that helps your sexual functioning and sensitivity. It’s healing properties, along with it’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are well known and helps to improve your immunity and vitality.

Aloe vera also increases testosterone production in men, improves your libido, increases reproductive hormone, improves sperm production. relaxes your muscles and increases your desire to actually have intercourse. This drink gives any guy a real sexual energy boost!

All of the fruit drinks listed above are proven to enhance any guys sexual performance and are great ways to last longer in bed naturally with food. The great part is there are no potentially harmful side effects as they all help you to last longer in bed naturally by leveraging HOME REMEDIES that come from everyday foods! Whenever possible AWLAYS GO ALL NATURAL. You never have regrets when you do.

And the bottom line is, you will start pleasing your lady (or ladies) much more in the bedroom without pills or chemicals!




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