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How To Make Her Squirt | Squirting Orgasms To Drive Girls Wild!

How To Make Her Squirt | Squirting Orgasms To Drive Girls Wild!

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What modern-day guy hasn’t thought about blowing some girl’s mind by learning how to make her squirt during sex? The ability to be able to give girls squirting orgasms on command? Are you kidding me? Any man that knows how to do this wields a MIGHTY sword! Lol!


So let’s take a look at what exactly squirting, or female ejaculation, is, how it works, and then…how to blow girls’ mind’s with it!



Can All Women Experience Squirting Orgasms During Sex?


It would be awesome to think that EVERY woman you meet could experience squirting orgasms. Yet alas that is NOT the case. There are no solid numbers as to the percentages of girls than can squirt during sex yet various medical studies suggest that between 10 and 50 percent of women can squirt during sex.




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Another school of thought suggests that all women DO experience ejaculation yet that many of them simply do not notice. Surpassingly, girls may not notice that they’ve experienced a squirting orgasm because the fluid can actually flow backward into the bladder instead of leaving their body!


In one study of 233 women, 14 percent of the girls said they ejaculated with all or MOST of their orgasms, while 54 percent of ladies said that they had experienced it at least once. It’s also worth mentioning that the amount of squirting orgasms varies widely ranging from bucket-fulls, and teaspoon-fulls to no fluid at all. Each of these is perfectly normal as it can vary widely from girl to girl and from sexual experience to sexual experience.



So What Actually Comes Out When You Make A
Girl Squirt During Sex?





Well, when a girl squirts during sex, the female ejaculation amounts to about a teaspoon (3cc – 5 cc) of fluid that quirts out through her urethra (though this can vary from woman to woman). The urethra is the duct that channels pee from her bladder to the outside of her body. This fluid often looks like watered-down fat-free milk. Surprisingly it tastes sweet and, this is important, does NOT smell like urine. It’s also chemically different from urine.


It usually occurs with stimulation of the area called the G spot, and often occurs with orgasm.



Squirting Orgasms are comprised of two different types of female ejaculate:


Ejaculation fluid – This one looks a lot like male semen. It usually appears to be thick and milky.


Squirting fluid –  This is the clear, odorless liquid that comes gushing out in large quantities.



So What Is Actually In A Squirting Orgasm?


When you know how to make a girl squirt during sex, the ‘squirt liquid’ that gushes out can get everywhere. Admittedly, the first time may freak you especially because you don’t know what’s in it. Is it piss or what?!?


Well, ‘girl squirt’ has been analyzed. It was found that it’s made up of a substance called urea, along with uric acid, ejaculation fluid, and creatinine (NOT bodybuilder creatine! Lol!). It also contains prostatic acid phosphatase, an enzyme in male semen that helps sperm motility.


Yet wait there’s more…it also contains fructose, a type of sugar. Fructose is also present in male semen where it serves as an energy source for the sperm.


It’s believed that the fructose and prostatic acid phosphatase in the fluid come from the Skene’s glands. Skene’s glands are located on the inside front wall of the vagina near the G-spot. It’s thought that stimulating these glands to causes them to produce fructose and prostatic acid phosphatase, which then makes its way into the urethra. Surprisingly, the fluid gathers in the bladder during sexual arousal and travels out through the urethra during ejaculation.


Amazing! And you thought her pussy was complicated! Lol!



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Here’s How To Actually Make Her Squirt


So now that we understand all of the ‘why’s’, ‘hows’, and ‘what the hell is its’, let’s get down to the mechanics of how to make her squirt. Just like with making a woman orgasm in general, there’s no simple cookie-cutter method for doing it. Each girl’s body is different as is her mental state, emotional state, etc.


Yet here are several techniques that have been time-tested and experience proven to make girls squirt during sex. Before proceeding, understand that making girls squirt entails either G-spot stimulation or a combo of BOTH G-spot AND clitoral stimulation. 




You’ll be using 1 or 2 two fingers and plenty of water-based lube. Whatever you do DON’T places any pressure on your lady to squirt. She MUST be relaxed and just ready to enjoy herself.


With your palm facing upwards, insert 1 or 2 lubed-up fingers inside her vagina and make a ‘come to me’ motion with your finger(s). You want to caress, tap and even stroke her G-spot.


For most girls, they can only squirt when their G spot is filled with blood, so when you notice her G-spot swell up and become engorged don’t change a thing! Perform the exact same finger motion and keep the pressure going. When she says she feels like she has to pee, that means you’re about to make her squirt!


It also helps while you’re doing this to pay her compliments and say things to turn her on. My go-to is statements like Ooh baby you’re pussy is so pretty. You have such a pretty pussy. It’s just sopping wet and turned on. Mmm! Sexy!”


Pretty soon she’ll have a squirting orgasm! Congratulations! You just made a girl squirt during sex! Just remember what we covered earlier. The amount of squirting orgasm varies widely up to and including no ejaculate at all. Whatever you do, make her feel good and tell her how amazing it was so she’ll be pumped about doing it again!




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