Swallowing Semen & Swallowing Sperm: The PROVEN Way To Drive Your Man Wild!


Eeewwww swallowing semen! If that’s what you’re thinking then SLOW DOWN ladies! You may be missing out on some amazing free benefits. And before you start thinking that this is just some way of getting you to swallow just to make your bf or husband horny, remember sperm and semen use was a common practice amongst members of the Roman aristocracy for 100s of years. They wished to realize the healthy & beauty benefits, anti-aging properties, etc. of male semen and sperm and they compensated people to do it! You could be getting it from your man for FREE!


So what are the tangible benefits for you to swallow your special guy’s baby juice? Well we’ll start with the obvious one, if you want to know how to make your bf horny, or make your husband literally lose his mind, simply tell him that you want to eat his cum the next time you have sex. He’ll be hornier than a horny, horn toad to get his cock in your mouth. This is a sex tip for women that you can bank on!



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It makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving! Lol!



Once you actually eat his cum, you will observe your husband, or bf, greatly relax. All the stress, tension and anxiety of the day will literally melt away and he will be…happy. And who does he have to thank for that? You…his love.


PRO TIP! Want to know how to eat cum to REALLY turn him on and make him horny? Look at the gifs below. 

You don’t always have to swallow it. Simply taking it into your mouth temporarily and then slowly spitting it out or letting it drip down your lips before wiping it off will drive him wild (like the top gif). You could even spit it out as he cums in your mouth (like in the bottom gif). Just remember to make a visually appealing show out of it and he will definitely want to reciprocate in any way he can!


Just What The Heck Is Semen Anyway?


To be clear, semen is DIFFERENT from sperm. While semen is a complex substance made mostly of water, plasma, and mucus (for lubrication), sperm are the cells that fertilize a woman’s eggs to make a baby. Since a single ejaculation of sperm may have 200 million to 300 million sperm cells, they need nutrients to travel up a woman’s vagina. Fructose (a sugar) is their main energy source.


So besides a little energy boost from the fructose in sperm, there’s really not much more to it. Whereas semen has a LOT more to offer!


Studies revealed that semen actually contains vitamins and anti-depressants. These help to elevate your mood (especially when you’re feeling down), bonding with him more (making you grow closer together), and making you fall asleep! Yes it will help you sleep better!



How? Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep and deep relaxation. You can swallow his semen or he can cum inside of you, yet once it enters your bloodstream you’ll doze off better than using sleeping pills. Now you know why you get so sleepy and fall asleep after having sex!


Did you know semen is also low fat?!? Semen is low in calories averaging only about 5 – 25 calories per serving. It’s made up of small amounts of vital nutrients including; Magnesium, Potassium, Protein, Zinc, Calcium, Citrate, Fructose, Glucose and Lactic Acid. Who knew!


To Swallow OR Not To Swallow


According to a study, swallowing semen on a regular basis can lower a woman’s blood pressure. Women who swallowed their man’s sperm have a much lower risk of getting pre-eclampsia (super-high blood pressure from a condition during pregnancy).


And lastly the beauty improvements. Here’s a great beauty and sex tip for women, swallowing semen and sperm actually improves your skin tone! A 2009 study showed that semen actually slowed down the aging process of women’s skin and muscles. The reason why is semen contains a good dose of zinc, which is an all natural antioxidant.






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Finally, it goes without saying to make sure you TRUST THE MAN whose semen or sperm you’re swallowing otherwise you could get some nasty sexually transmitted infections (It doesn’t hurt for both of you to periodically get an STD test).


Yet if everyone is healthy and happy, swallowing his semen (or sperm…it’s not a bad thing) will definitely elevate his mood, cause him to release a LOT of tension and stress and take it from me…HE WILL FEEL A LOT CLOSER TO YOU. It’s just how we men are built. 


For bonding as a couple, talking is fine yet if you REALLY want him to feel closer to you…swallow his semen!




How To REALLY Use Your Tongue During Sex! | Sex Tips For Men & Women


In this sex tips for men and women, we’ll be delving into the erotic use of the tongue! Brace yourself! We use our tongues for many different activities during the day, such as eating, drinking, and talking. However, your tongue is an incredibly important part of satisfying sex life.

Learning different oral and tongue sex positions can bring pleasure to both you and your partner. Whether you’re kissing, talking dirty, or running your tongue along all of your partner’s erogenous zones, there are techniques that you’ll want to utilize!


Erogenous Zones

An erogenous zone refers to an area of the body that has a heightened degree of sensitivity. When you stimulate this area, it can be VERY sexually arousing. Ladies, in particular, this is a great way how to tease your boyfriend physically! Your tongue can safely be used to maneuver all over your partner’s body in these zones. They can be different for everyone, so talk to your man, lady, or partner a bit to see what they do and don’t like. 


Some places to start include licking around the lips; then sucking the upper lip while alternating licking the underside of the upper lip; lick the tip of their tongue; licking the area behind the ears; with the tip of your tongue lick starting from the base of the ear lobe and trace a line up to the top of the ear finish by tracing back to down to the lobe and then suck on the ear lobe; gently nibble on their neck with your teeth and alternate licking the same spot with your tongue; with the tip of your tongue trace a line along their collarbone then up the front of their throat passing over their chin and finally finish with sucking and kissing their lips. Combine a few of the aforementioned techniques and you will observe your lady or man squirm with delight!


One of the best sex tips for men and women that I can share is that not everyone will respond the same. Some people like having their partner whisper in their ear while using their tongue around that area of the ears and neck. Other people absolutely hate it. Always make sure that your partner has consented and is comfortable with the areas where you’re using your tongue on. That’s an extremely important part of developing trust between the two of you.


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Other Ways to Use Your Tongue

Instead of simply using your tongue to kiss or caress parts of the body, you can use it in a few different ways. Some good sex tips for men include using your tongue to trace the areas around your woman’s nipples, genitals, booty cheeks, anal cleft, anus, navel, inner thighs, and feet.

Some good sex tips for women include using your tongue to initially summon your partner to you (a great way how to make your bf horny!), licking your lips sensually to engage the interest of your partner or licking things like whipped cream off your partner’s body (in addition to the other places listed above).


Pay Attention to Saliva

While using your tongue can be an excellent way to bring some additional excitement into your sex life, you should always be mindful of how much saliva is being swapped with your partner. You don’t want to end up drooling all over them! Lol! This can be a big turn-off. While it’s nice to have a bit of lubrication during things like oral sex and kissing, try to make sure you’re swallowing your spit periodically to cut down on the amount that’s leaving your mouth.



Don’t Forget about Oral Hygiene

Before you start using your tongue in various ways during foreplay and sex, make sure that you’re using a good oral hygiene routine to keep your breath smelling fresh and healthy. It’s always a good idea to brush your teeth and use some mouthwash BEFORE you become intimate with your partner (this means you to ladies!). If you’re not home and don’t have access to a bathroom, always keep some mints handy.



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Now that you know a few different sex tips for how to properly use your tongue during sex, you can practice a few of these techniques with your lady or special guy.  It’s a good idea to use just a few at a time. Save some of the other ideas for another day when you want to introduce something new into your routine.



3 Ways To Totally SCREW UP Foreplay | Sex Tips For Women & Men


I wished to share a few simple sex tips for women and men that you can use right now to enjoy better sex. What better place to start than foreplay!

Let’s face it, on the surface sex is pretty mechanical—insert penis into vagina, pull out, insert again, etc. While foreplay is where you learn what you and her like and don’t like. Yet it’s always easy to fall into the same pit of boring her with the same standard foreplay routine and over again.


So here are three common mistakes you might make during foreplay—and quick fixes that will lead to hotter sex.

1. Focusing on Just One Spot

DON’T JUST GO STRAIGHT FOR HER PUSSY! If your go to foreplay is instantly going down on her, you have become a predictable bore. Don’t be surprised if she takes over an hour to cum that way. Why? Because her vagina has dozed off! Lol!

Also, this approach may actually turn off some women. And you don’t need that.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Invest time focusing on your woman’s ENTIRE body instead of going straight for her crotch. Start off with passionate tongue kissing and lightly caressing her body for a few minutes (yes I said a few minutes not seconds). It’s not a race to the pussy. With sex, you don’t win the gold medal for finishing first! Though many men have tried! Ha ha ha!

Then move on to licking, nibbling & sucking her other erogenous zones like her neck (combine this with some light hair pulling), ears, her upper and lower back, around her belly & navel, her inner & outer elbows and wrists. And let us not forget about slow dancing and grinding on each other.

Exploring the non-sexual parts of her body makes you like a more attentive and passionate lover.


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2. Going Too Fast or Too Hard

You should already know that you shouldn’t try to rush foreplay. Remember men are like light switches and women are like irons. We can go from 0 to ‘let’s fuck!’ in 3 seconds flat. While chicks take awhile to get there.

For many women, it’s around 10 to 15 minutes to get fully turned on. And at this point, they’re ready to fuck! So if you rush it and are already poking away at her vagina 3 minutes into it, you can seem like you’re selfish, self centered, just in it for yourself as well as a little uncaring. Also, applying too much pressure when touching/grinding on her body can turn her off to.

Quick Fix Sex Tip  – I’m also a professional stunt man, so I’ll use a stunt reference for this sex tip for women and men. Think of trying to jump a car or motorcycle over a row of junk cars. You use a ramp and as you hit the ramp, you “slowly” & gradually increase your elevation (this is like foreplay) then at the top of the ramp you fly off into the air.

While in the air, it’s exciting and fun!..yet short lived. Then you come down and land on the ramp on the other side. Finally, you gradually decrease your elevation & speed until you level out and drive away on the other side.

This is how you should view foreplay, interplay and afterplay. Start off slowly and then build in intensity and pressure. As far as pressure, talk to her to make sure you’re doing it right. Ask her questions like “Is that how you like it baby?”, “Harder or softer?”, etc..



3. Not Knowing Your Lady

Women are different when it comes to foreplay. So while you may have your go-to moves, be ready to set them aside and do something different if she seems uncomfortable or bored.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Have a variety of moves in your ‘Sexual Bag O’ Tricks’. So if she cringes when you talk dirty, switch to your next thing. Don’t force it thinking she’ll come around. Or if she’s really into making out on the sofa, don’t try to move it to the bedroom.

Very Important sex tips for men! After even 1 or 2 times making love, you should know your woman. Her likes, her dislikes. You should memorize her sexual hot buttons. This approach actually makes it easier for you and more pleasurable for the both of you.


One BONUS Tip! Don’t Say Stupid Shit

Yes many, many, MANY guys are guilty of this one. Trust me…you are NOT as clever as you think you are. Lol! So talking about your job or career, or hers, your tax situation (yes some men do this), or even some sex joke that you think is hilarious are BIG no no’s.

Quick Fix Sex Tip – Sexual arousal has more to do with AVOIDING life’s turn-offs AND ESCAPING to an erotic, sexy reality than with how well you can turn someone on. So never discuss work, your job, finances (unless you just hit the lottery or come into some money), dinner, the kids, etc..

Instead talk about how soft her skin is, how amazing her hair looks, how you just REALLY noticed how deep brown/blue/green her eyes are today, how gorgeous her fingernails & toenails are, how sexy her ankles are, how pretty her make up looks, how pretty her pussy is (only if it actually is Lol!), etc…



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