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Common Sex Mistakes That Cause BAD Sex! Are You Doing These? | Relationship Tips For Couples

Common Sex Mistakes That Cause BAD Sex! Are You Doing These? | Relationship Tips For Couples

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In this post we’ll cover some important relationship tips for couples that you definitely want to pay heed to.  Whether you’ve been having sex with the same partner for just a few months, or it’s been years that you’ve been in the same relationship with the same person, you or your partner may be making some common sex mistakes that could be causing bad sex. 


Maybe your gripe is as simple as your partner not doing things how you like, or maybe there are trust issues that are occurring because of bad sex. Whatever the problem, we have some common sex mistakes that we want to share with you. If you are doing any of these things, I have some great sex tips for couples that will improve your situation.


1) Sex Ends When He Finishes

The logistics of sexual intercourse really focus on the male receiving most of the pleasure in regards to orgasms. Most women only orgasm during sex twenty to thirty percent of the time. That number increases a little bit if clitoral stimulation comes into play, but these are still pretty disappointing numbers. All hope shouldn’t be lost. There are plenty of changes that can be made to ensure both partners walk away satisfied. Even if the man finishes before the woman, sex doesn’t have to end there. The man can continue until his partner is done, or you can switch over to oral sex or clitoral stimulation.


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2) Being Too Drunk

While consuming a bit of alcohol can make for some uninhibited sex where you can really let loose and enjoy yourself, being too drunk can be a disaster. The sex can end up being sloppy, rushed and one partner is likely to walk away not feeling satisfied. This has always been somewhat of a personal turn off for me. Who wants to have a night of amazing sex if the lady is so bombed she can barely remember it the next day!


3) Your Partner Isn’t in the Mood…Again!

It takes two to tango, and your partner not being in the mood can be holding you back from a fantastic sex life. This is an important relationship tips for couples, try to address why your lady or special guy isn’t in the mood. Maybe you’re not providing enough foreplay in order to get their hormones surging. This is often one of the most common causes. Read some of my posts on sex foreplay for ideas (especially this one 30 SEXY Texts To Turn Her On Before You See Her).

There might be some unresolved drama between the two of you that’s interfering. Address it and fix it!


4) You’re Coming Much Earlier Than You Want To

Sex should be enjoyed, and it might not feel fulfilling if you’re only able to last a few minutes. Foreplay can shorten this duration even more, even though it adds to the overall experience. You can actually train yourself to prolong your orgasm during masturbation. This is a great sex tip for couples that sometimes not just the man yet the women too may need to do. You would bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, only to stop for a few minutes before continuing. This edging practice would train you to slow down during sex, allowing you to put off finishing.


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5) Forgetting To Experiment

Newer couples and even couples that have been sexual partners for decades should still try new things whenever possible. Maybe it’s a new position, a new toy or some lingerie. A change of venue such as a public place, a weekend getaway, sexing each other up in the park, etc. It’s important that you keep things fresh and exciting.


6) Not Communicating with Your Partner

This is 1 of the fundamental relationship tips for couples. Communication is so important when it comes to sex. You can help your partner better understand what you like AND don’t like during sex by talking to them about it. The next time you hop in bed together, changes can be made to make sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience. Don’t forget to tell your lady or special guy what you do like that they already do so they can continue.

Even try confessing to each other a sexual fantasy that you would like to try. Make sure you both agree not to judge each other beforehand 



7) Bad Hygiene During Sex – You’ve Got to WASH Your Ass!

You’re getting up close and personal with your partner when you have sex. Nothing kills the mood more than bad hygiene. Make sure that you’ve brushed your teeth, GARGLED (I could tell you some horror stories about some well intentioned, smelly mouthed ladies lol! Big turnoff!), showered, and don’t forget to get into those cracks and crevices that need a good washing (especially your ass!).



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You and your partner can have a much more fulfilling sex life and avoid bad sex in relationships if you utilize these relationship tips for couples. It might take a little practice and a conscious effort, but you can completely transform your sex life into a mind-blowing experience.






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