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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – How To Turn A Woman On Physically and even How To Turn A Girl On Fast! That’s what I’ll answer in today’s video.

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Ok so how to turn on a woman physically, fast with verbal and nonverbal cues? I’m going to break this down for you fellas! So take notes.

A lot of guys have no clue as to how to turn on a woman physically or with words. They just think whipping their dick out is enough! WRONG!

So I’m going to put a stop to that today, by sharing with you 12 of the Best ‘Girl turn on tips’ that are time tested and experience proven. We’ll start first with things that you do to yourself to turn a girl on and THEN we’ll go to things that you do to her to turn her on fast!


How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 1:

Your clothes – Guess what fellas, women like a lot of the same things that we do. Girls get turned on fast when you show some skin. Got nice arms? Wear things that show off your arms like tight-fitting shirts or short sleeves.

They LOVE nice legs so wear pants or shorts that draw attention to your legs. 

If girls have said you have a great butt. Then select pants or jeans that draw attention to it.

Bottom line, you should dress to accent your best attributes. This starts turning women on BEFORE you even open your mouth.


How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 2:

Smell Amazing! This is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls. The right cologne or oil will get their engines revving. Oftentimes they just start smiling and compliment you “Oh you smell good!”.




How To Turn A Girl On Fast Tip 3:

Dress sharply in a blazer or tailored suit. Walk with confidence like you know you look good…and her heart and loins will melt. You’ll instantly look hotter and more powerful in her eyes.


How To Turn A Girl On Fast Tip 4:

Make her notice your dick. When a woman has nice boobs or booty you can’t help but look right? It’s like some unseen force is MAKING you check out those tits and ass! Women know this! This is why they wear clothes that highlight their butts and boobs. They even pad their bras and get padded panties to make their butts look bigger because they know they will turn you on. Hint hint.

Well, you can do the same thing to them. Plenty of entertainers put a rolled-up sock or a sport protective cup in the crotch area of their pants to make it look like they have an erection. And it works! Women ALWAYS notice it and it turns them on EVERYTIME. 

Obviously, if sex breaks out you have to hide the sock or cup or you’ll have some explaining to do. LOL!


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How To Turn A Woman On Physically Tip 5:

Kiss your lady in OTHER areas: I’m not talking about her vagina!

Places like behind her ears, on the back of her neck, and even on her FOREHEAD. Chicks love it when you kiss their forehead, it’s a very intimate area,  and it’s different cause everyone else kisses on the lips or something, right? Kissing on the forehead is much more intimate and they can’t help but to like you more.

Their hands – caressing her hands, even kissing her hands ( kiss, kiss ), and my personal favorite, sucking on the fingers. Now, what I’m, I’m sure you want my tips, I’ll break it down for you, right? Usually three, these three are the best ones to suck on, right? You suck on these, and you’re gonna let your tongue go in and out of the finger, right? And as you suck them and you lick on them, this turns them on, right? And they hear what you say, like, ah, ” Are these the fingers that you use? ” 

And they’ll sometimes start smiling because they know what you’re saying. When women masturbate, they use like, a hand formation like this or they may use these fingers or something, yet using up these fingers may bring up the play, they play with their clitoris when they masturbate.

So you suck, you both –5:22—you’ll be anyway, you sucking her fingers be really intimate because it’s letting her know you like sexually so being calming down her fingers, that’s not good, you know like, you know, smooth get girl, yeah  ” Are these the fingers that you use, baby? ” She starts smiling and it gets her pre-lube of what you’re gonna be in bed. So hands are powerful even kissing, and then the sucking thing that I shared with you, bam you got it.

These are all sensitive areas for ladies and HUGE turn-ons.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast Tip 6:

My personal favorite, grab and twist her hair and bite her on the neck, arrr, or nibble. 

You know, on her neck. And you suck on it too, like a vampire. Now, so you’re like this, you know like, hey you’re kissing me. You don’t have to close your mouth the whole way, you just do it like this, that’s why I said nibble, so that she feels your teeth, your teeth up and down on her neck, but you don’t close your teeth together.

That’s why I say nibble, that’s what I mean. You know, you can bite or suck it like a vampire, now, now why it is huge? When done correctly, it is a huge turn-on for women. It’s very primal and very animalistic and they feel it, they feel like your manhood, like that the masculine energy that’s coming from you is strong.     

Now, the only issue is the hickey. Cause that’s when they say like, ” No, don’t keep, why are you sucking on my throat? You’re gonna give me a hickey. ” You know, first of all, what you do is can you regulate it so you don’t leave a hickey on her, right? 

Or just say, ” Look girl, you know, you got a turtle neck. That’s where your turtleneck will work. You’ll be alright. Just wear your turtle neck. “


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 7:

Give her a hand massage or especially a foot massage.

Especially the foot massage. They will start to melt instantly and the vagina juices will just start flowing. Some of them will orgasm on the foot massages. It’s amazing. 6 or more so different from us right?


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 8:

Surprise Her With a Treat

You know it could be something like picking her favorite candy bar or piece of chocolate cake. One cake, two forks so you share it. You know or even picking up a flower, a single flower. It doesn’t have to be a rose, be something, do something original, right? You know a single flower when you’re going to visit her going to see her and don’t tell her about you know, surprise her with this is a huge freaking turn onto women because it shows them that you were thinking about them even when you weren’t around them, right? 

And this is an easy win that so many guys oftentimes overlook. 

Now, I’ll share a story you know this, that happened to me a long time ago. This was a woman I dated. It actually became my girlfriend. This girl was a 10 plus like you know you have like a scare of like one to ten, this chick was beyond the scale. All guys hit on her from all different ethnic groups everywhere she went it was all the time.

She went to court for a traffic ticket the judge in the corporation was trying to hit on. She was that physically fine. Has all these dudes you know hitting on her. And a lot of guys tried to flash their money they have fancy jobs, fancy cars, they will, you know, flash their key fobs from their cars. For some reason, they didn’t have impressed her. 

I drove around in a used car, an older model car, had sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. I got the girl, here’s how it happened, right? So when she and I were talking, when I would crack jokes and you know she liked my personality and stuff. Never underestimate the value of humor, right? 

Yet then as I was talking about always finding out what the girls like. Some girls like chocolate, most girls chocolate. Some girls don’t. One girl like, they only like gummy bears, right? So you know that’s the treat. So, when I talked to her, she liked this special type of chocolate Claire that was only sold in local bakeries. 

It was something you pick up in casual conversation. We never talked about it. Again, y’all remember right? I said I never knew. 

And then one night, she and I were just getting to know each other, we hadn’t had sex yet, right? So she’s working at night, you know? Uh, running something like a diet center. She was the boss of the place, you know? And I called this, ” Hey, I’m gonna be in the area, I’ll stop by and say hi. Okay, come on through. “

So on the way there, I stopped at this group, this bakery and I got the little chocolatey Claire for her. It was raining and everything so I get to her office. I said, ” Hey, you know, how are you doing? Blah blah blah. She’s like, ” Thank you for stopping by, I know it’s late and it’s raining out. That means a lot to me that you would stop by to say. ” 

” Hey, sure cause I picked up a treat for you. ” She said, ” what is this? “

And she opened up the bag and when she saw that chocolatey Claire inside, her face lit up. It changed the dynamic of her entire day. She’s like, ” Oh, my God. I’ve been craving one of these all day. ” She was so happy from this three-dollar cake, right? So after she finished you know everybody what to do in the office, she took me to her office, remember we were just getting to know each other, we hadn’t had sex or anything yet. Next thing I know, I’m in her office and her tities are in my mouth. And she had 38 D’s like you, she looked like Apollonia from the movie Purple ring. 

So if you want to get an idea of what this one looks like, Google, uh Purple rain, the movie Prince was in. Look up Apollonia, that’s how she looked. Damn! That girl was nice. So her big ass, 38 Ds titties with my face, in my mouth, and I’m thinking, Damn, what happened, right?

And then she closed the office up and she told me before she was gonna have sex with me in my car. I Didn’t get all that yet. Anyway, we were sitting in my car and the next thing I know, she’s getting me hit. And I’m thinking to myself that she’s getting my head all this, from that silly ass, you know the chocolatey Claire. 

And here’s the thing, all those other dudes who were pursuing her lost out to me. These dudes are already establishing their careers, had moved houses, all that type of stuff, because the mistake was, they were, well, they were too busy trying to impress her. I was busy paying attention to her. So pay attention to her, find out what she likes, don’t say anything about it, go get one of those treats and surprise her with it and see what happens.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 9:

Cuddle with her. 

Yeah, I said it. Because it works. It’s one of my personal favorites. I love cuddling with girls. Few women on planet earth don’t like cuddling. If your woman doesn’t want to cuddle, there’s something wrong with her. Seriously. 

And the thing is when you try to do it, don’t try to bang them. Just cuddle with them, hold them in your arms while you’re watching the television or even listening to romantic music. What happens, they develop a strong emotional connection with you and their juices just start flowing.

I can say this from personal experience. My cuddle game is strong, I got all my couple techniques perfected, you understand? You gotta work your little rhythm, I have like, your sex, you’ve got your sex technique. You’ve got your kind of techniques. 

So I’ve worked my cuddle techniques on girls and they’re sometimes, just literally wanting to cuddle. I’ve told girls this, so many times, so many different girls. I called them on the phone like, ” Look ” I said, you know. ” Stop by for a little bit, we just cuddle. Spend time together, no sex.

” I specifically tell them, no sex. We’re just gonna cuddle, hold each other, spend time together, watch your show, listen to music, and just talk, right? Just chill. Like, ” Okay, yeah, it sounds good. ” 

I get there, you know we start, you know the caressing begins. You know, and then, sooner or later, they start kissing me, I’m kissing them, and next thing you know they’re always bouncing up and down on top of you.

I share this with you because I literally did LEGIT, and did not want sex, but every time I tell a woman this, it’s a turn-on. So you can try that strategy. Like you tell them, you know, we’re just going to cuddle, no sex and now it’s in their mind. ” how dare you to tell me what we can and cannot do? ” That kind of thing. And then you start cuddling, and they start feeling you, it breaks out into sex. 

To date, I’ve had sex with hundreds of chicks, I never had one woman who was legit able to just cuddle with me and not break into sex. So the cuddle strategy is STRONG.


How To Turn A Woman On Fast With Contact Tip 10:

Pick her Up and spin around.

Now you don’t have one of those heavyweight girls. I mean you ain’t trying to give yourself a hernia after all. Then you want to scoop her up off her feet and spin her around. 

And here’s the thing, don’t put her down until she says ” Pretty, please. ” or my personal favorite, ” Please daddy, put me down. ” And you tell her, ” I’m not putting you down. You want to put me down, you say, please daddy, put me down. ” And you’re plain and simple. So, ” Please daddy, put me down. ” That’s all you need, right? And you put her down.

Now the thing is women are suckers being lifted up and spin around like little freaking kids is what I’m saying, right? Think about it. psychology, most women, facts have not been picked up since they were children. Who was the last man that picked her up? Her daddy. So when you do that, you’re the next man since daddy, to actually pick her up. 

See guys can talk all kinds of stuff yet when you get the strength and you pick your girl up, there are a few things that masculine, you know, you want to get this alpha male stuff. Alpha male stuff like that, you know. 

Plus they also feel that you’re strong, you’re powerful and you’re dominant. These are all huge turn-ons for women. 


How To Turn a Woman On With Words Tip 11:

News flash actually talks about having sex. So she’s not going to think about having sex with you. uh, well, you know, if you, if you did some of the other stuff we covered already, yeah, she will, I’m just saying, you know. 

You want to plant those seeds there so you don’t wind up in the let’s just be friends zone, right? So she’s not gonna start thinking about having sex with you unless you plant those seeds in her fertile mind, right? And you want to have a few conversation topics ready to go. Let’s do that.

Here are a couple of winners. This has covered more of my courses and I’m going to share a couple with you now. So, yeah, you know, that’s what you say to her, yeah. I read an article the other day that said that women relate the way a guy dances with how good he is in bed.

Do you agree with that? Oh, really, why? and she’s going to start, you know, that’s kind of, that’s, that’s woman cocaine right there, they just….going right up in the mouth. yeah, what’s happening is now she’s imagining you, you know, and sex. She views you as a sexual creature. 

Here’s the second one. I was reading one of those magazines those women’s magazines in a supermarket the other day and there was an article that said that you can tell how good someone is in bed by the way that they kiss. If they’re a lousy kisser then they’re lousy in bed and if they’re a good kisser, then they’re good in bed. You know. What do you think about that?

Once again, she’s gonna be like….you know, she’s thinking of you now, right. And this is why you want to want to pay attention to kissing, your kissing game. You know, when you know this kind of thing. And Here’s the thing, I cover strategies like these and more in my How to Seduce Women Course. 

We, I’m gonna break it down fellas, you go from virgin to you know, sex guys, you know. And it’s in one course. Everything you need to know and it works with women all over the world. Not just one ethnic group. 

Also, a little FYI. You may not realize it if there is, a significant number of guys out there who don’t have a strong sex drive. I mean various ages. Not just you know dudes over 40 or 50 of all ages. Because they were either born that way or they don’t have enough testosterone.

Especially as they get older, they don’t even know they need to change their diet around, you know, too, uh generate more uh, testosterone, so their sex drive is low. So these are the dudes that the women, the whole point is, are used, to having sex with. So you know that your sex game is strong. You want to make sure that she knows it, right. 

And you say it, your body movements, little conversational topics like that. Let her know that your mind is about sex and when you do have sex, you throw it down. It’s like I do it, when I do it, girl. I do it right. And what it does is it makes her more curious about having sex with you.


How To Turn a Woman On With Contact Tip 12

Here it is. The granddaddy of them all..drumroll! wait for it! wait for it! Dance with her. That’s right. 

If you really want to lock it in with her and make her fall in love with you the first time, and fall in love with you, all over again, dance with it, right? All you do is turn on some music that she likes. You should know her music or have her playlist queued up or whatever.

And then when the music’s on, you extend your hand to her like this. And you’re saying in your smoothest, slowest, and deepest voice, ” Come over here and dance with me ” And just start smiling, right?

She’ll start smiling. Now, remember. Most girls love to dance. It’s something that you know, very sensual and very erotic and fully clothed. I mean their vagina juices are flowing right. 

And you don’t need fancy dance moves. Dance something slow and sensual, right? And the thing is, they’re feeling it because they know that the way you dance is how you’re going to be in bed. 

If you’re all up there like all jerky and weird looking, they’re like, ah, you just like, you know, it’s kind of putting your shoulders into it as you know, you’re hitting some, some rhythm, they’re like oh, that’s the right girl. 

This is a prelude to passion right here. They know, right! So I actually teach one of these dance moves to a simple routine that every man can pick up. Doesn’t matter if you literally have three left feet. You can learn these dance moves in my highly popular video course, The Ecstasy Method.

” The proven system for giving women multiple mind-blowing orgasms every single time. In this course, you learn how to give a woman an average of three to seven orgasms. It works on everyone, once you learn a technique, right? So I break it down in that course. 

Yet you know as far as dancing is concerned, it virtually always leads to sex right? Almost, always. Women know that how a man dance is how he’s gonna be in bed and literally once you start kissing and caressing, the clothes come off, titties in your face. And you know, panties are hanging from a lamp, or chandelier, or ceiling fan or something and sex is on. 



So there you have it. 12 Tips on how to turn a woman on physically and even how to turn a girl on fast. Try a few of these yourself and see how they work for you. 

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For more information on our highly popular blog:


Again, my name is Dillon Wilson, the couple’s coach. 

Don’t miss our next video where we share with you another sexy seduction tip. See you next video.

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How To Impress Girls By Bragging About Yourself


When learning about how to impress girls many people tell you that bragging about yourself is bad! Isn’t that what we were taught? You’re supposed to be humble and downplay your accomplishments right? Well when it comes to picking up girls…WRONG!


One of my clients asked me how he should respond to impress girls when they ask him ‘What does he do?” Most men answer the wrong way and launch into a boring soliloquy about the technical aspects of their job. You can literally see the woman’s eyes glaze over. Right after he finishes talking, the women usually replies with “ok” and then quickly changes the subject.


Why Is This Important?


Well women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to a man who either can or has the promise of being a good provider for her and any future (or current) children. They’re born with it inside of them. So you want to have what I call ‘your personal story’ (designed to impress girls) speak to what they’re really asking you.



So I shared with him that few things impress women more than ambition in a man (when it comes to his career). You also don’t want to seem boring. You want to seem exciting – a risk taker! And ideally fun to be with. It also doesn’t hurt to be the leader or owner of something. When you combine all of these into your personal story, you’ll have a winner and impress girls EVERY time!


How And When Do You Deliver It?


So when you’re first meeting her, at some point in the conversation, the discussion of occupations tends to comes up. If not, ask her what she does. After she finishes talking, she’ll usually ask you the same question. If not, just go next. This is the only time you can really build yourself up without it sounding like your bragging (because she asked you). So do it BIG!!!


Let’s look at a couple examples of what you can say to really impress her. Where you see capital letters is where you emphasize the words differently than the rest.


(I used to use this one):

Well, I just moved here from the East Coast. I came out here to be the Regional Manager of the XYZ company. It’s an advertising company. We’re building a good team …they follow my lead. Some people tell me that it’s very risky to move almost 3,000 miles to a new state to help build a new company with new people. Yet that’s the way that I am. TAKING RISKS CAN BE FUN! The EXCITEMENT of meeting new people. The THRILL of not knowing what’s going to happen next. THE PLEASURE THAT ONLY COMES FROM NEW EXPERIENCES….WITH ME…that’s how life is.


The women always listen and usually smile and reply with “Wow! That does sound exciting!”. Totally different reaction than their eyes glazing over. And I know they’re going to tell their girlfriends about me and my occupation later on.



So now let’s design yours:


1) Your job – Make it sound more interesting and impressive to girls than what it actually is. How many other applicants were there before you got hired?

Well out of 35 other applicants I recently got hired (or was hired) to head up the ABC (department, team, etc.) at XYZ company.


2) Your Title & Responsibility– Always make it sound important and impressive to girls even if it isn’t (i.e. Manager, Supervisor, managing supervisor, supervising, manager, area manager, director, production manager, executive director, VP of X, senior, etc.). Always be perceived as an alpha male leader whenever possible!

So I’m the senior managing director responsible for operations. The company has me fast-tracked for promotion. I have a good department, they follow my lead.


3) You like taking on Risks – It’s always risky starting a new job, new position or even staying with the same company. Build it up!

Some people tell me that it’s very risky to take on a job like mine with so much responsibility with new people. Yet that’s the way that I am. TAKING RISKS CAN BE FUN. 


4) Finish off with how exciting your job and life is with you.

The EXCITEMENT of meeting new people. The THRILL of not knowing what’s going to happen next. THE PLEASURE THAT ONLY COMES FROM NEW EXPERIENCES….WITH ME…that’s how life is.

Number 4 above I’ll explain more in another article yet sufficeth to say, it has to do with female psychology and it works.


All together now:

Well out of 35 other applicants I recently got hired (or was hired) to head up the ABC (department, team, etc.) at XYZ company.

So I’m the senior managing director responsible for operations. The company has me fast-tracked for promotion. I have a good department, they follow my lead.

Some people tell me that it’s very risky to take on a job like mine with so much responsibility with new people. Yet that’s the way that I am. TAKING RISKS CAN BE FUN. 

The EXCITEMENT of meeting new people. The THRILL of not knowing what’s going to happen next. THE PLEASURE THAT ONLY COMES FROM NEW EXPERIENCES…WITH ME…that’s how life is.




I’ll Show You One For A Burger Flipper At A Fast Food Restaurant


1) Your job – Make it sound more interesting and impressive to girls than what it actually is. How many other applicants were there before you got hired?

Well out of 35 applicants they hired me to head up the corporate kitchen at McDonald’s corporation.


2) Your Title & Responsibility– Always make it sound important and impressive to girls even if it isn’t (i.e. Manager, Supervisor, managing supervisor, supervising manager, area manager, director, production manager, executive director, VP of X, senior, etc.). Always be perceived as an alpha male leader whenever possible!


So I’m the SENIOR line cook responsible for overseeing ALL kitchen operations. The company has me fast-tracked for promotion into management. I have a good department, they follow my lead.


3) You like taking on Risks – It’s always risky starting a new job, new position or even staying with the same company. Build it up!

Some people tell me that it’s very risky to take on a job like mine with so much responsibility, in a FAST paced environment, with new people. Yet that’s the way that I am. TAKING RISKS CAN BE FUN!


4) Finish off with how exciting your job and life is with you.

The EXCITEMENT of meeting new people. The THRILL of not knowing what’s going to happen next. THE PLEASURE THAT ONLY COMES FROM NEW EXPERIENCES….WITH ME…that’s how life is.



All together now:

Well out of 35 applicants they hired me to head up the corporate kitchen at McDonald’s corporation.

So I’m the SENIOR line cook responsible for overseeing ALL kitchen operations. The company has me fast-tracked for promotion into management. I have a good department, they follow my lead.

Some people tell me that it’s very risky to take on a job like mine with so much responsibility, in a FAST paced environment, with new people. Yet that’s the way that I am. TAKING RISKS CAN BE FUN!

The EXCITEMENT of meeting new people. The THRILL of not knowing what’s going to happen next. THE PLEASURE THAT ONLY COMES FROM NEW EXPERIENCES….WITH ME…that’s how life is.


Now Try Putting Yours Together


Writing it down on a piece of paper is best. Try a few versions and then read them out loud. Once you have one that you like, memorize it. Then perform it in the mirror and make sure you look comfortable and strong when you deliver it.


When you have the right personal story put together you will see how to impress girls and not only will it impress her yet she will then go back to her girlfriends, sisters, cousins, etc. later that day and tell all of them about you and what you do! When they cosign her approval of you and your job…you’re doubly in!



Here’s how you can get a few laughs out of her when you ask her what she does. Remember to always be fun. It’s ok to crack a few jokes about her yet DO NOT diminish her job or accomplishments. Do the opposite and build them up in a fun way.


If she’s skinnyWhat are you…a bodybuilder? Lol! (motion as if you’re lifting weights) A powerlifter? Lol!

If she’s been at her job a long timeYou’ve been there for how long? X years! Oh you’re about ready to own the place huh? Lol! 


If she works in the financial fieldSo you’re good with money? I may need you to take a look at my taxes. Lol!


If she works in the medical field – So you’re in the medical field? (point to your back) Hey I got this crick in my back. What do you think that is? Lol! 


Or if you got the stones to do it:

So you’re in the medical field? I was thinking about having penile reduction surgery to alleviate the strain on my lower back (with one hand grab your lower back). Do you know any doctors who can handle that? (She laughs) You know what on 2nd thought I’ll just keep my BIG dick. Lol! (You both laugh and then change the topic of conversion)

If she works in the legal field – So you’re in the legal field? Hey I’m going to need you to sue my neighbor because he is getting on my last nerve! Lol!




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Is Being Versed in PUA Training Tactics Enough To KEEP A Hot Girl Long Term?

There are SOOOOO many PUA Training coaches out there giving pick-up artist advice on their PUA training blogs or in person. Some are legit and MANY are not. They are always quick to use terms like ‘Alpha’, ‘Red Pill’, ‘Blue Pill’, ‘AFC’, and more. All the while educating inexperienced men on how to pick up girls and ideally meet the woman of their dreams.


So Does PUA Training And Tactics Work?

YES! Yet you have to be careful who you’re learning from and get actual experience on your own. You also want to ask any PUA Training coach questions to prove their legitimacy as many may have only picked up a few girls of average looks at best.




Alright so let’s say you’ve become familiar with the art of the pickup, you feel pretty confident in yourself and your ability to ‘number close’ girls. Heck, you even are cool with escalating into sex with them as well.


First of all…CONGRATS! That’s a big accomplishment! You put in the work and you deserve all of the benefits. Second of all…NOW, WHAT?!?


Here’s what I mean. Now you’ve got this SUPER HOT CHICK on your arm who thinks you’re an Alpha Male badass lol! You REALLY want to keep her as your girlfriend. You’ve built yourself up in her mind and even had sex with her maybe once or a few times. Yet you observe the situation changing slightly. Well, wait…what’s happening?


You realize you don’t have a firm hold on her. Maybe some other more experienced PUA, or a regular more successful guy, could even steal her from you if you mess up! This is what a LOT of PUAs find happening to them when they meet a girl that they really want to keep. And yes, PUAs lose girls to other PUAs on a somewhat regular basis. Let’s face it, some PUAs just have a BETTER game than other PUAs. Plus, HOT girls are ALWAYS in demand. Single or in a committed relationship. Remember that!


It’s easy to simply say ‘replace her with another girl when you have no real emotional attachment to her. Yet when you meet one that you can see being a possible wife and the mother of your children, things change!




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So Why Does The Relationship Change?

It has to do with evolutionary biology. Female humans have learned over the millennia to issue a series of tests to determine if the man they’re talking to will be a good husband, protector of her and the children as well as a good father. This is why when you express interest in a woman she starts testing you.  Any PUA Training Coach worth their salt will tell you this. She literally can’t help it! It’s part of her biology and psychology. Even a woman brought up in a remote village, in the middle of the jungle, with no internet will do the same thing!


The good news is usually you have passed MANY of these tests (i.e. compliance tests, strength tests, etc.) before you have sex with her the 1st time. This is why she felt comfortable having sex with you in the first place (unless she was drunk out of her mind or REALLY high).


ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS – Women are led by their hormones and emotions more than anything else. PERIOD.


Yet now that you’ve had sex, her hormones and brain tell her to issue NEW tests to you. These are the classic boyfriend tests (i.e. trying to get you to commit to her ASAP, playfully trying to manipulate and control you, play fighting with you, using sex as a manipulation tool, etc.). They help determine how mentally strong you are, how dependable you’ll be as a mate, what married life will be like with you, and more.


So if you’re still trying to blindly use single man PUA training tactics with these tests, you’ll end up exactly that…a single man. And your dream girl, the next ‘Misses (insert your last name here)’ will be on some other guy’s arm walking off into the sunset together.


Now I’m not going to go into a deep explanation of what to do in this PUA training blog post yet I will cover one of the most important. Here it isone of the MOST EFFECTIVE things you can do to keep the girl you want from looking at other guys is to FUCK HER SO WELL SHE CAN’T THINK OF BEING WITH ANYONE ELSE!


Re-Read the previous sentence 3 times out loud.


PUA…if you are fucking her as no man has ever fucked her before, she will be the one concerned about losing you and not the other way around! Understand most guys (and yes even most of the PUAs giving training and coaching advice) last only 3 – 10 minutes in the bedroom before they orgasm. While women take LONGER to orgasm. This means she is NOT orgasming. Which means she is NOT being satisfied sexually. This is what she talks about with her girlfriends, cousins, sisters, sorors, etc. That you’re not able to make her cum.


How long would you stay with a girl, even if you REALLY liked her, if you were never able to cum when you had sex with her?


EXACTLY! Well, she’s no different than you. This is one of the fatal chinks in your PUA armor that you must address if you want to keep her for the long term. If you do, you literally can make ANY WOMAN yours forever.


I’ll share more PUA Training tips on how to do this in future PUA training blog posts. In the meantime, check out one of my training courses (below) that shows you how to do EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about.



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THIS Man Knows How To Eat Pussy Good! My 10 Best Oral Sex Tips



Being able to please your woman by knowing how to eat pussy good is something that not every man is capable of doing. It takes some experience and knowledge to know the proper way to eat pussy so she has an orgasm that blows her mind. Knowing what your woman craves can make it easy to please her, using different pussy eating techniques each time for some variety in the bedroom. Let’s talk about some sex tips on how to eat pussy that can keep your woman coming back for more again and again. 


Don’t Forget About Foreplay

You want your lady to be in the mood when you eat her pussy, otherwise, it’s just not going to be all that enjoyable for her. It can also take a long time to bring her to orgasm if you immediately just go down on her. Maybe YOU can get a hard-on and be ready for fucking in 6 seconds flat yet for her it could take 30 minutes or more! Women like an emotional aspect to sexual behavior. If she’s just finished working or she has other things on her mind, you should take a few moments to get her relaxed and in the mood.


My go-to is starting an argument with her for no reason and then when she’s somewhat pissed off, I suddenly change up and become intimate with her. This builds up sexual tension which you then direct into sex!  Remember you want to get her going emotionally first and then go to sex. So anything that you do that riles up her emotions – getting her angry, getting her laughing, and even getting her really sad… all work!





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Building Up The Anticipation

While your lady might know that you’re about to give her oral sex, building up the anticipation so she’s begging for it will make it feel that much better. Your goal is to make that orgasm as big and powerful as possible. When you’re thinking about how to eat her pussy, start slow, take breaks to target other erogenous zones and bring her to orgasm at the very end when she can’t take it anymore.


You can also build up the anticipation by using a variety of props. Blindfolding your woman with her consent will force her to focus on the sensations she feels in her body. This can also help her feel less self-conscious. After all, it takes a bit of confidence to have your partner in between your legs eating your pussy without worrying about what they think. You can also try handcuffs or a tie to secure your woman’s hands in place.




Learning the Techniques of How to Eat Pussy Good

There are a few different techniques that you can use with your mouth and tongue to pleasure your lady. They each provide a different sensation, so work a few different pussy eating techniques into each session. There may be certain techniques that she likes more than others, so don’t forget to ask what worked and what didn’t.



You can start out lightly by blowing on the vagina. This provides a very subtle sensation that acts almost like foreplay. Once you’ve teased her, you can start to use your mouth and tongue for more pleasure.



When you make contact with your tongue on her clitoris, start out light and slow. Move in a circular motion to really get her in the mood. Up and down also works well. You want to avoid keeping your tongue too pointy or ridged. This can be too harsh of a sensation on a sensitive vagina.



Don’t get into a make-out session with her pussy, but a few kisses here and there can make this experience more personal and intimate.



After you’ve been working her over for a few minutes, take her clitoris into your mouth and suck on it for a few seconds at a time. This brings even more blood flow to the area. Continue increasing the intensity at which you suck.


 – Motorboating and Humming Vibrations

Place your lips gently on her clitoris, blow out a bit and make a vibrating movement with your lips. This motion coupled with the vibrations will have her cumming in seconds! Less is more with this technique and move slowly.


Humming is like motorboating yet the difference is you just place your mouth against her vagina and hum softly. This sends pleasurable vibrations directly into her pussy. For best results, alternate between the 2 methods.


Compliment Her On Her Pussy

Here’s a great pussy eating psychological tip that MOST guys don’t even think about! Hey, your lady invested time trimming her bush or paid someone to rip all of her pussy hairs out…just for you. And you don’t even compliment her on it? You selfish, insensitive prick! Lol! 

Say things like “Wow…your pussy is so pretty!”, “I love it!”, “You’re pussy is so beautiful!”, “I could take a picture of your pussy upload it to Twitter and it would get like a million likes!”, “Of all the women I’ve ever been with, you have got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen” (this one makes them feel REALLY special as it makes them think their pussy is better than other women’s pussies).


Let Her Control Your Motions

To give your lady a bit of control when you’re eating her out, but one of your fingers into her mouth. She can show you how she wants to be licked. Copy every movement that she makes.




Use Your Fingers

When you add vaginal sensations to the oral sex, the orgasm becomes more intense and she will come faster. Place one or two fingers inside of her while you’re licking her clitoris. Simulate a ‘come here’ motion to trigger her g-spot and initiate a MAJOR orgasm!


If your lady is open to it, place a finger in her anus. This can be very pleasurable, and orgasms can be even more intense this way. You can work your way up to two fingers after a few minutes if she’s enjoying it. If you’re not comfortable using your finger, you can purchase a butt plug for this occasion.


Don’t Be Afraid to Rely on Toys

If you’re not confident with your abilities right away, don’t be afraid to keep a vibrator nearby. If things aren’t going as planned, use the toy to make her cum. This works well!



Use Different Positions

One of the best ways to eat pussy is using different positions. Using different positions during oral sex can make the orgasm more intense while bringing you both closer together. If she has some flexibility, pick up her legs and push them up back towards her body. This will give you full access to all her pleasure points. She can also hover above you while you’re lying on your back or have her sit on the edge of the bed while you kneel on the floor in front of her. If you have her on top, she can control her movements and your location.




Oral Choke

Talk about this beforehand so you can use them for a really kinky oral sex experience. Reach up with one hand while you’re licking her pussy and gently put your hand around her neck. The grip strength that you use will depend on her comfort level.




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Talk to your lady about what she likes so you know what to use and what to avoid when you go down on her just like you would tell her what you like or didn’t like if she was going down on you. Bust out some of these positions and techniques periodically to keep things fresh and exciting. You don’t always have to bring her to orgasm either. Oral sex can be used as foreplay and a powerful prelude to passion when you know how to eat pussy good!




30 SEXY Texts To Turn Her On Before You See Her | PUA Training Text Game


In this PUA training blog post, we’re going to take a look at ‘PUA text game’. Did you ever hear the old saying “The mind is the most powerful sexual organ”. Well it’s true! And in this post, I’m going to share with you a simple yet often misunderstood method of turning on your loved one / sex partner…Sexting!


Believe it or not, sexting (sexy texting) is an excellent way of keeping a relationship spicy, initiating foreplay from afar, getting each other hot and horny as well as overcoming certain sexual challenges. It can also get your sweety incredibly turned on and thirsty for some mind-blowing sex with you when you next see each other!!


So here are 30 ‘PUA Text Game’ sexting messages that will surely turn them on!


1. What are you wearing, and would you mind if I took it off?

2. I can’t wait to make you moan.

3. I hope your bed is strong enough for what it will be put through next time I see you.

4. Guess how hard I am right now.

5. I love the way you taste.

6. Save some energy for tonight—you’re going to need it.

7. I heard about this new sex position. Can’t wait to try it with you.

8. What’s your ultimate sex fantasy? Because that’s what we’re doing tonight.

9. Tell me everything you want from me tonight, in detail.

10. Been a while since I last saw your naked body. I’m worried I might forget what you look like. Care to remind me?

11. I hope your neighbors like the sound of my name, screamed over and over again.

12. I bought a new toy. I hope you like it.

13. If you don’t behave today, you’re going to get a spanking later.

14. You’ve been bad, haven’t you?

15. Where are we doing it later? The kitchen table, the car, or somewhere more public?

16. 5 hours until I’ll be inside you.

17. Your night is going to start with a massage and end with multiple leg-shaking orgasms.

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         ‘The Ecstasy Method’



18. I’m going to make you cum so hard.

19. I’d like to eat out tonight—AFTER we get back from the restaurant.

20. Tonight you’re going to be wined, dined and 69-ed.

21. I bet you wish my tongue woke you up this morning instead of your alarm.

22. You BETTER not be wearing any panties when I get home (or “…when I get to your place”, “when you come over”) tonight.

23. I want you wet and ready tonight.

24. Bet you can’t wait for my tongue to be between your legs.

25. I can’t wait to feel your thighs squeezing my head.

26. I bet you’re texting with one hand right now.

27. I can’t concentrate on work today because I’m thinking about what we did last night.

28. You may want to start doing some Kegel exercises now because I’m going to be working that pussy out tonight!

29. Tonight you’re not allowed to cum until I say so.

30. The things we’ll be doing tonight may be illegal in 48 states .


PUA Training ‘Text Game’ Tip  – When sending your sexts, use emoticons, images etc. in addition to your texts to really drive your message home and really turn her on.



Finally, we’ll finish this PUA training blog post with this one last caveat. Think more about being naughty-sexy with your text messages not vulgar (unless you know they are 100% into that!). A naughty – fun sext sent at just the right time can lead to amazing sex later on in the day!



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